Students inducted into the World Language National Honor Society


The World Language National Honor inductees await the beginning of the ceremony. Photo Courtesy of: Tara Meany

While many high schoolers have not yet had the chance to travel around the world, students in the World Language program at our school have had the opportunity to learn about foreign cultures through language in their classroom. Students who displayed a dedication for a foreign tongue took a step further in their studies, taking the time to aim towards a mastery of the language in which they studied. Students with excellent academic standing accumulated volunteer hours were inducted into the World Language National Honor Society for Spanish, German, Italian, or French at the 23rd annual ceremony on April 27 at the West Milford High School Auditorium.

Mr. Gorski praised the students for their eagerness to expand their horizons in “cross-cultural competency” in learning a new language. “Our world is extremely small now with social media and other forms of media you can connect with someone thousands and thousands of miles away instantly. […]The skills that you started to build by studying a foreign language are really going to carry you very far,” he remarked.

The ceremony honored the new inductees of the four language classes, as well as the seniors who will be graduating in June. Seniors were presented with cords or medals to signify their academic achievement in the Honor Society. The candle lighting ceremony for the new inductees were carried out by each president of the World Language Honor Society: Andrea Hilario for Spanish, Stacy Kewer for German, Jordan Chirichella and Emily Magasic for Italian, and Laura Freedman for French.

The ceremony was then followed by a cultural presentation by each Honor Society. The Spanish Honor Society had Andrea Hilario perform a piano piece of a traditional waltz. The German Honor Society presented a German poem. The Italian Honor Society presented proverbs of cultural and personal significance to senior members of the society. The French Honor Society performed a well-known French-Canadian children’s song.

Over the course of the school year the students have dedicated hours of their time while they participated in a variety of activities. These include serving as “world language tutors for your peers, […] singing […] international Christmas carols for the residents of Milford Manor, [participating as] readers of German fairy tales and Dr. Seuss books in Italian, French, and German for the elementary students at Marshall Hill School to celebrate Read Across America, and also servers at our International Dinner for senior citizens,” said Mrs. Ludwig, the World Language Supervisor.

Students inducted into the World Language Honor Society should be immensely proud of themselves and the academic accomplishments they have received as result of their hard work and persistence in learning about the cultures of other nations.