2023 Highlander Day

The 2023 Highlander Day was a huge success! It was a perfect sunny day to support all the schools’ athletics and clubs. All the sports and after school activities had great booths with fun games and delicious food. To recap the day, here are some of the booths and activities that were held.

Throughout the event, delicious treats and food were being sold. The field hockey team had brownies, pizzas with fruit, chocolate, fudge, and other toppings. The Sophomore student council had an ice cream booth while the Junior class hosted a Kona Ice Truck. The Track and Field team alongside the wrestling team barbecued for everyone that was hungry! Some snacks from around the world were also served, like the Spanish Honor Society which had been selling walking tacos or the French Honor Society that made awesome crepes, and more. This year was a year to remember with the tasty food being served and also with the competitive and fun games also being held during this spectacular day.

The best part of Highlander Day is the booths that have fun games and activities, like the Senior Class who held tug of war games… over a pool! Or the gymnastics team who challenged anyone who was willing to accept a handstand contest. The Art Honor Society was face painting for anyone who wanted an awesome face paint. Between a moon, a flower, or even a unicorn, if you wanted it, you got it. The Yearbook Committee made sure you remembered this year’s Highlander Day by having a photo booth with cool props and a Polaroid to take home. The Ski Team had a balloon throwing contest where you could pick a Ski Team member and throw a balloon at them. 

Highlander Day was filled with great competition and fun activities for everyone to enjoy and love.The day was filled with great music, laughter, food, and games and is a day every student at West Milford High School looks forward to. Until next year!