Late Night Hosts… More like Let Down Hosts


Gianna Hardison, Bucky's Editor

TV show hosts are evil. This is not a statement with which most people would agree, but surely it is one that has rocked the late night world. Talk show hosts have the type of personality which is addictive and keeps you coming back at 11 o’clock every night. Whether it is James Corden singing in Carpool Karaoke, or Ellen playing Heads Up, these segments get the average person laughing until she cries. 

How would you feel if I told you that those people, the ones who make your night better after a long and tiring day, are known to be awful people behind the scenes? Up until last year, James Corden was one of my favorite people. Then all hell broke loose in the media when headlines like the one “The Tab” published started to hit, stating,  “How Much More Do We Have to Endure Before James Corden Just Stops?” With his incessant singing and temper tantrums in public settings, he has dragged himself all the way to the bottom when it comes to late night hosts. Guests have spoken out about Corden being a nightmare to them on his own show. Even Ricky Gervais has been known to speak out about the tragedy that is the ashes of the remnants of his friendship with Corden. 

Many civilians have spoken out against Corden as well. He is known to treat common workers such as waiters, camera men, and even fans as less than him. Production staff on movies he has been cast in have come out and said things along the lines of his attitude being unbearable. While spending the night out on the town with the very loveable Harry Styles, a waitress, who chooses to remain unnamed,  reported that Corden was acting “massively entitled”, while Styles was “so cool”. 

Ellen Degeneres is no better. Her name has the word “generous” suggested at the end of it, and yet her actions have been nothing but disgusting. Can you imagine, as an everyday person, going on a TV show, displaying all of your trauma for millions of people to see, having a rich woman like Degeneres state that she is going to build your life up from the ground, but then you never recieve her end of the promise? This has happened for the majority of people on Ellen’s show. Accusations of empty promises such as paying college tuition, buying someone a new car, or decorating a dorm room have been hurled towards Ellen for years, but the proof of these claims is finally coming to light. She is known for giving people false hope, and these are only a few of the allegations against this one time worshiped star.

Now that I have brought to your attention the facade that shrouds the TV show hosts, I hope you rethink your decision to idolize these inconsiderate humans. I’m not saying that every single person should believe that a celebrity is automatically a horrible person, but these two, specifically, are unquestionably evil.