Mr. Jordan and Barb make up the unstoppable duo!


Madison Sondermeyer, Op-Ed

Racing around these halls, you might get the chance to catch a glimpse of Mr. Jordan, a new security guard here at West Milford High School. Mr. Jordan works alongside Barb, the o.g. security guard. However, due to a recent injury, Barb has not been speeding through these halls as she was before, but hopefully she will be able to zoom around again soon! Both Mr. Jordan and Barb take their jobs seriously and they are very easy-going, easy-to-get-along-with people. Personalities like these are a must when working with teenagers and faculty and staff.  With these two working at the school, there’s nothing they can’t handle. Let’s learn more about Mr. Jordan and Barb! 

Imagine Mr. Jordan sprinting down the halls listening to music as he’s on the move to break up a fight. What do you think he is listening to? He told “The Highland Echo” that he listens to a wide variety of music, but he likes the band Nirvana and also any country music. If Barb were doing the running, she would be listening to country, specifically Willy Nelson. 

Being security guards isn’t all Mr. Jordan or Barb does with their time. In the summer, Mr Jordan will be paving, and Barb has a part-time job at the Warwick Library. However, they each list being a security guard as their favorite form or working, as they both love helping and interacting with the students in positive ways. 

These two heroes of the Highlander halls were not always the fearless guardians of the West Milford student body.  So, what were their first jobs? Barb’s first job was at Wex Army Navy in Pompton Lakes as a cashier, and Mr. Jordan has done a lot of landscaping. Before Mr. Jordan started here as a security guard, he was a dispatcher for 13 years. His career in law enforcement began as a tribute to his uncle, who, sadly, passed away in 1996 after being a Detective Lieutenant in Wanaque for 27 years.  His uncle Robert Jordan had a big impact on Mr. Jordan, which really drove him to love the work of law enforcement. Everyone has role models, someone s/he looks up to, and Barb is like Mr. Jordan in this respect.  Whereas he has his uncle, for Barb it is a friend of hers, because that friend always has a positive outlook on everything and is just a joy to be around.

Being a security guard isn’t always easy. The worst part, both Mr. Jordan and Barb said, is breaking up the fights, although Mr. Jordan did say it comes with the job.   “It’s weird maybe, a little nerve-wracking to be caught between two boys. I just wish that people could handle their emotions in another way so I didn’t have to get to that level because it is upsetting.” Keep that in mind, people.  Maybe keep yourselves in line, so Mr. Jordan or Barb doesn’t have to get caught in the middle.

Barb and Mr. Jordan have a lot of good memories. One specific memory Barb cherishes is when she used to go with her girlfriends to the Trout House in the summer when she was younger. Maybe she should take a visit back there to bring back those memories. Mr. Jordan jokingly stated that his favorite memory ever is being the bathroom escort for some students in school. 

 Everyone has a bucket list of things they would love to do in their lifetime. One thing on Barb’s list is to simply just travel more–to get the chance to explore a little more. She has only ever traveled for work. This time in her life, her work took her to Italy and France. Mr. Jordan, on the other hand, just wants to go to an island. He wants that cut off from civilization time. He wants to be where no one can talk to him and he is alone and at peace. He has never actually been to an island but he would love to go to one, preferably one with very clear, blue water. 

With summer approaching us quickly, these two are ready to head right into it!  Mr. Jordan will get time to relax (partially, at least!) and go fishing, maybe even sit by a pool where nothing will be in the water. Barb will be able to sit by the beach or by the pool, catching some sun. They might just be the most excited for summer out of all of us! Then we will all return in the fall where we can all celebrate Barb’s birthday in September, happy back-to-school, and then we can party for Mr. Jordan’s birthday in November!