Highlander day returns


Highlander Day is a fun day at the end of the year where different sports teams and clubs set up booths around the field, along with some other fun activities for the students in which they can participate. Teachers, parents, and students all help with the booths and sell food, candy and other fun carnival snacks, or host competitions or things like face-painting or fencing. Students from middle school and high school come to walk around with their friends and celebrate the start of summer.

This year, the activities set up were volleyball and tug of war, in which many students participated on a beautiful sunny May day. Students could pick their teams and go against their classmates. Lacrosse also had a throwing contest set up and German had a wall set up to represent the Berlin wall the kids could throw at. There was a face painting booth run by the West Milford art students with many fun designs like bees and flowers and all the art students did a great job!

Many sports teams sold food like brownies, hamburgers and hotdogs, ice cream, ice coffee, chips and candy. They also promoted their team for incoming high school students or anyone who was interested in joining a new sport. It’s a really good opportunity for Macopin students especially, to take a look at the team and coaches and be able to see what the high school offers. 

There was also live music from some of our staff members along with some of our students that decided to pitch in as well. We had students singing and playing drums. Along with a performance from Vin Avon (Derek Montesano). It was a great environment and a nice way to end the school year.