Graduation Caps

Graduation Caps

Kaylee Stillman, Features Editor

It is almost the end of the school year. With this in mind, people are taking tests, and making sure all their work is done. As well as saying goodbye to their friends and teachers. But anyone who is graduating is packing up their things and getting ready to start the next chapter of their lives. Even though this is a sad thing, there are lots of good things about graduation like decorating your cap for the ceremony. There are lots of cool and funny ways to decorate your graduation caps so that it represents yourself.


Some ways people can decorate their graduation caps are putting quotes on their caps that mean a lot to them or have inspired them. If you want to paint them the best types of paints are acrylic paints. There are also a lot of tutorials online on how to glue letters and put glitter on the hat and many other things. You can also put your school colors on it or the school colors of the college you’re going to. There are also design templates online to help you come up with ideas. Some people also put flowers on it. Glue guns can be used for sticking things on your cap, as well as Elmer’s Glue or any quick drying glue. If you don’t want to use stickers for words, you can also use glitter pens or paint.

But no matter what you choose, make sure it’s school appropriate. Some school districts don’t allow their students to decorate their graduation caps because they can be too distracting from the ceremony. Some of these school districts include Binghamton, Chenango Forks, and Whitney Point; let’s be glad that we can decorate graduation caps at our school if we want to when we graduate.


When it comes to graduation, decorating the graduation cap can be a fun experience and  a great way to represent who you are or who you want to be. But you don’t have to decorate yours if you don’t want to. Either way, your graduation caps will always be a reminder of your graduation as well as the time you spend in high school.