Spring into the new season with sick sneakers


The shoe game is ever-changing. Bold new styles blend with iconic classics to create newer and more interesting silhouettes than ever before. The shoe line up this spring is no different, showcasing a wide array of spring colors and designs. 

One prominent style that has remained in the spotlight is that of classic and retro style sneakers. These sneakers reminisce upon the materials and simplicity of the shoes of the past few decades. New Balance has perfected this style, blending elements of vintage and modern shoes to create timeless classics. At $80, the 237V1 model employs a classic color-block scheme with new technology and materials. Though seemingly simple, they offer a stylistic choice at a reasonable price. For just over $100 more, you can purchase the New Balance Made in USA 992. Though more expensive, these are constructed with higher quality materials such as pigskin and cotton. They employ a classic chunky look, one that is very much so in style at the moment. There are various different colorways of the shoe, including one with pastel blue, purple, and yellow to match with all of your spring outfits. 

Another spring trend that has emerged over the past few years is that of elaborate sandals. One brand that has soared in popularity is Birkenstock, a brand that has been a pioneer in the area of footwear since the late 18th century. Founded in Germany, the brand sells shoes, boots, insoles, and most importantly, sandals. Models such as the Boston and Arizona utilize high quality materials such as leather and cork to create stylish and extremely comfortable sandals. To compensate for their quality and the craftsmanship involved in their production, many of their shoes and slides do stray on the more expensive side, often between 100 and 200 dollars. Birkenstock also offers vegan versions of their most popular silhouettes, utilizing materials other than leather while still maintaining the standard of quality they’ve become known for since 1774. 560771.jpg (848×848)

As the flip-flop fades in popularity, more and more people have adopted slides into their spring and summer shoe rotations. Like the flip-flop, slides are a minimalist shoe designed to allow them to be put on and taken off with ease. Unlike the flip-flop, these can be worn with socks, making them perfect for athletes to wear before games. You don’t need to be an athlete to wear them though, for you will see multitudes of different people wearing them during the warm months. Adidas, Nike, and nearly all other shoe companies sell some form of slide, ranging from very affordable models to surprisingly expensive ones, considering how minimalistic they often are. The Nike Victori One offers surprising comfort with responsive foam and a padded strap, according to their website. At $30, you can grab two pairs, just to make sure you’ve always got a pair that matches your outfit. If you’re in the market for a more trendy shoe, there aren’t many slides more hyped up than Kanye West’s Yeezy Slide. Kanye’s slides are astonishingly simple, with a zig-zagged sole and a smooth streamlined design. However, these are in high demand, and you’re unlikely to find any pairs for the retail price of $55 unless you can snag a pair on a release date because of how quickly they sell out. 

For those who are on their feet a lot during the spring, a pair of running shoes will do you well. A variety of brands offer great running options, but the chunky look of Hoka’s shoes have catered to the likes of many. Hoka models such as the Clifton 8, Arahi 6 and the Rincon 3 all offer incredible comfort and a multitude of colorways for $140 or less. For those looking to get more performance out of their shoes, the Rocket X offers a lightweight and highly responsive feel. The shoe utilizes a carbon fiber plate to produce more rebound with each stride, allowing runners to expend less energy. This technology comes as a price, and will set you back $200 for a pair. 

Regardless of your taste in shoes, there’s a plethora of shoes to choose from this spring. While some shoes may range in shape, size or price, everyone can find something to fit their needs. Though I mentioned several specific brands, feel free to branch out beyond these suggestions. The great thing about shoes is the freedom you have to choose what kind of shapes and colors fit you best, and you can truly customize your own look. Regardless of what you are wearing this spring, make sure it suits you!