The meaning of flowers


Kaylee Stillman, Futures editer

It is springtime and  everyone is getting outside and doing fun things and animals are coming out of hibernation  and the flowers are blooming. Everyone loves spring flowers. Just like everything else on earth, flowers mean something. They symbolize a fresh start, rebirth, and even can represent passing on as they wilt and die. No matter what you think of flowers as a whole, it is well known that individual flowers possess their own unique meanings. Since they are in bloom and many people give flowers as gifts for Mother’s Day or prom, maybe it would be important to know what the flower you are giving to someone means.


Red roses symbolize celebrating joy and love, so they are the perfect romantic gift for showing someone how you feel about him or her. White roses mean youthfulness and innocence and loyalty, so that’s why they are featured often in weddings; they symbolize the commitment of the couple to one another. Pink roses mean gratitude, so maybe you can get your mom pink flowers to thank her for all she does! Yellow roses mean friendship, so if you are headed to prom with someone who is a best buddy, yellow roses are a great way to go on the corsage! Orange roses mean desire, so that is another good one out there for all you lovebirds. And all of this is just for roses! Other types of flowers mean something, too.


Sunflowers mean happiness, honesty, and peace. These cheerful flowers are common subjects of art and home decor for a reason. The bright and optimistic color and proud stance make for a strong symbol of strength and happiness. Who doesn’t look over a large field of sunflowers without a grin on their face? Due to their beautiful and fun nature, sunflowers would make a great gift for someone who needs to be cheered up or celebrated. Receiving a bouquet of these vibrant petals would, no doubt, make anyone’s day.


White daisies stand for purity and innocence, just like white roses. Daisies are relatively inexpensive if you are going to purchase them for a bouquet, and if you have a green thumb, they are easy to grow. Daisies also come in tons of other bright and vibrant colors, like Gerber daisies in hues of pinks, corals, and reds. They are the flower for the month of April, so it would be a good birthday gift for any April babies as well!


Tulips are also a lot like roses, in that there are many different colors with different meanings. Red tulips mean passion, and love while pink tulips mean happiness and confidence, yellow tulips symbolize careful thoughts, and white tulips mean forgiveness.


Lilies are known as the flower of death because they symbolize that innocence has been restored in the departed. These sophisticated flowers are often used in funerals, as a send off to those who have passed away. Therefore, a bouquet of lilies could serve as a gift to someone in your life who has lost a loved one and is grieving, if you aren’t sure what to say. 


A carnation means “I miss you.” All carnations mean this, making these flowers perfect to send to your friend, family, or that special someone when you are apart or just want to say I love you because they can mean that too. Just like lilies, carnations are also placed a lot at funerals  because they mean “I  miss you” or “I will miss you”. But also in some other countries, carnations mean bad luck, so be careful where you gift them. Carnatintions  especially mean bad luck in France.


Buttercups most often mean neatness. They also may stand for childish behavior. They represent neatness because their petals stand nice and neat. You can find buttercups in the woods and fields of the north temperate zone.


Spring is here and we will see all these flowers and many more! And after reading this you may look at flowers a little differently but most of these meanings mean good things and they are fun to learn about, especially when you want to pick a favorite flower the meaning might affect your choice. But even if it does affect what you think about flowers, everyone knows that flowers are great in their own special way, and there is always one for every occasion.