Disney’s Encanto


Disney  has done it again! On November 24, 2021 the studio released “Encanto” A musical/ comedy about a family who lives in a charmed place called “Encanto” where each child receives a magical gift, that is, all children except for Mirabel.  As the family starts to lose their powers, Mirabel has to find out why. 

 This PG-13 movie has made 228.4 million dollars in the box office so far. It also has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This  film  is Directed by  Byron Howard and Jared  Bush.  They have also Co-Directed  Disney’s “Zootopia” which came out in 2016. “Encanto ” is available on Disney Plus and in the movie theaters. “Encanto” has a run time of  1 hour and 49 minutes.


  Playing Mirabel is Stephaine Beatriz who is best known for her role in “Brooklyn Nine ” as Rosa Diaz. Diane Guerrero plays Isabela, Mirabel’s older sister with flower powers.This means that with just a wave  she can make flowers appear or grow. Diane Guerrero also plays Maritza Ramos in the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.”\

All of Mirabel’s  family loses her  powers including her grandma, Aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and her parents.


  Just like almost  every other Disney movie, “Encanto” has a great soundtrack. Some of the songs are  “The Family Madrigal,” “All Of You,” “We Don’t Talk About  Bruno ” and many more. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno ” might be the most popular song from “Encanto ” as it has gone viral on TikTok  and has also been played a lot on the radio.


“Encanto ” definitely has that “Disney Magic ” with its songs, characters, and creative storytelling. This movie will definitely be up there with Disney’s best in the years to come.