Big Mouth Back With Season 5


Madison Sondermeyer, Op-Ed

When scrolling through all the options on Netflix of what to watch, it’s hard to decide what series could keep one’s attention. Which could you just have in the background without missing too much of the story? What is a short series that’s funny and not too time consuming? To answer those questions, there is a great series out there that has a rating of 4.5 stars, but be forewarned, it is rated TV-MA.  Younger viewers should ask a parent before watching; even though it is an animated show, it is still inappropriate for younger viewers. This show, none other than “Big Mouth”, is funny, educational, and maybe even a little perverted, but all around is a show that will make you laugh and have a good time. 

“Big Mouth ” has just released a fifth season thus far, all seasons being about 10 episodes long and approximately 30 minutes each. This show is about a group of kids going through middle school while facing the challenges of puberty. When puberty hits, each character is assigned a monster. Each monster, called a hormone monster, is different and helps the kids in their own way. They have names and they help the kids with decisions; some of those decisions are debatable, while others are acceptable. It’s really cool to see the spin the directors take and it makes you think “Is that what I was thinking during that time? Did I have a ‘monster’ on my shoulder telling me what to do and not to do during certain times where I had to make decisions?” 

“Big Mouth” also finally diversified their cast and made more awareness of sexuality, and even pleased the trans-community after having a trans character, which was a huge benefit for them to gain more positive love for the show. Some people said the show covers sexuality, puberty, gender transitioning, mental health issues and more. This was a great idea to tie in the real world and the problem with people who don’t accept the LGBTQ group and to normalize the change in the world. The world is always spinning and things are always changing. You might not agree with some choices people make, but those are their decisions and it is best to just accept it and live your own life. While it isn’t necessarily said to be for kids, this show does cover a lot of issues that may be helpful for teenagers while they go through the changes of life. 


This show is very odd, but people absolutely love it, and the cast is the most surprising thing about the whole show. Maybe to help persuade you to want to watch it more, some actors you might know are Nick Kroll, from “Sausage Party”, John Mulaney, who you might have seen on “SNL”, and Maya Rudooph, who you might know from  “Bridesmaids”. This cast was very well selected to fit the characters; it’s amazing to see these people come together. Even though they are only doing voice overs, you can hear the chemistry and how funny they all really are. 

“Big Mouth” is not like any show I have personally ever watched. However it definitely has some similarities to shows like “The Cleveland Show”, “South Park”, and ‘’Rick and Morty”. While those shows have some twisted humor, especially “Rick and Morty”, it still doesn’t compare to that you find in “Big Mouth”. As the seasons go on the show only gets funnier and more twisted. This show is highly recommended by reviewers of all ages who have watched it, minus some of the backlash comments, but there aren’t very many of those.

Many people complain that this is a “dirty” show, but it’s really educational and could possibly help kids who are going through puberty or beginning to. It is an enlightening show and addresses things a lot of kids might not feel comfortable talking about because they feel like these topics are weird. The show talks a lot about loving your body for what it is and how taking proper care of it is important. Your body has needs. Everyone has their own insecurities, but they shouldn’t feel that way based on how someone else looks or feels. Other people’s opinions play a big role in how you view yourself, and can make you feel those insecurities, therefore making people not as open about who they are and what they are going through. Yes, to a lot of kids just starting to go through it they feel awkward, but it’s life and a sign of growing up. Puberty shouldn’t make you feel ashamed, awkward, or weird or make you want to hide your changing body; puberty should be celebrated. It simply stands for the next chapter in your life, growing up, and maturing. Maybe this show can help someone during this difficult transitional period, so give it a shot.