West Milford takes a journey to the past in “Anastasia”


Jason Pritchett (left) as Dmitry, Mia Grizzuti (middle) as Anya, and Lucas McDonald (right) as Vlad.

Connor Gargiulo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Earlier this year, West Milford embarked on a new theatre endeavor with a full length fall play. Though merely experimental, Lend Me A Tenor” was a success. Now, headed by theater director Mrs. Heather Burns, the annual spring musical is underway and is hoping for the same accolades. This year, West Milford High School will be performing “Anastasia”, a new musical that was instantly beloved by Broadway fanatics. The show is set to open on Thursday, March 10th, just under a month from now. It will run for four performances — the first three at 7PM, and the final being a Sunday matinee at 2PM. Including the intermission, the runtime of the show is just under two and a half hours.

“Anastasia” covers the story of the young Russian princess, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, and is based on the 1997 Disney animated film of the same name. A decade after the tragic death of her family and her subsequent disappearance, the city of St. Petersburg spreads a rumor that the youngest Romanov daughter may still be alive. Hearing of the story, two Russian conmen come across a troubled young woman named Anya, and make her into the princess with the promise of a hefty reward in mind. While escaping the strict confines of communist rule, Anya ends up finding the road to her unknown past, and finding her future along the way.

West Milford theatre veterans are the show’s leads, with seniors Mia Grizzuti, Lucas McDonald, and Victoria Evanchick as Anya, Vlad, and the Countess Lily respectively, and juniors Jason Pritchett, Nadia Felipe, and Jack Reilly as Dmitry, the Dowager Empress, and Gleb. Work is being put in around the clock from the cast and crew alike, building sets and costumes, and developing in our own theater the modern technology that Broadway’s “Anastasia” employed.

Between captivating music, charming characters, and many lessons about self-discovery and family to be learned, there is something in this show for everyone to love.

More information on the show can be found on the front page of the district website, and tickets can be purchased now at wmtps.seatyourself.biz.