Best and worst Valentines Day gifts to give

Sydney Durham, Out and About Editor

People either love or hate Valentine’s Day depending on their relationship status, but single or not, you could give anybody a Valentine’s Day present. Flowers and chocolates are always the sweet and simple choice, but maybe you want to show your significant other how much you really love them with a more creative gift. If so, there are some better choices that are different from the rest. You may also want to know what not to buy this year to prevent your partner or friend from lying about how much they really like your gift.

Starting off with some good simple gifts that anyone would love and appreciate are valentines candy/chocolate. Knowing who you’re buying your gift for is very important because you can customize the gift to their taste. Pick out their favorite candy or chocolate and pair it with nice decorative wrapping with some of their favorite flowers. This is a super basic gift but it is also thoughtful and nice. Another simple gift for your girlfriend is a nice perfume or some pretty jewelry. To make it more personal, you can buy a bracelet or necklace with a charm of your or her initials, or even a locket with a picture of the both of you. Now the gift is special and has a meaning to it, and most women are bound to love pretty jewelry. For your boyfriend, you can give him cologne, new clothes, or maybe a new watch. Scented candles are also a nice gift for anyone and buying them a Valentine’s themed candle also adds a special touch.

If you really want to go all out for your significant other and get super creative, you could get them a basket of all their favorite things or take them out on a really nice date to a place they love. Special gifts are personal ones too, if you truly know who you are buying a gift for, get them something you know that they really want or is super sentimental or special to them. Thoughtfulness and meaning to a gift is always better than how much you spend on the person. Getting creative and crafty with your gift is also really important because it makes it more unique. 

You should also know what gifts to avoid buying this year. We will start with a talking bear, which may sound cute to some, but a bear that talks when you squeeze it is really cheesy. Also avoid getting any clothes that won’t fit or are too big. It can be offensive and not very romantic. If you do want to get your significant other a nice perfume or cologne, try to not make it somebody else’s scent. This can be misleading and you aren’t even sure if they will like it. Any type of hygienic or cleaning product is a definite no. That includes any type of household items or something you could get at Lowe’s. Save that for Christmas or their next birthday. You should also steer clear from any customized items with very cheesy sayings. For example hearts or cute simple little sayings could be cute and romantic, but if it says anything like “You’re Okay I Guess”, “I Love You a Latte”, “I Pig You to be My Valentine”, or “I Love You More Than ___”, then stay away. 

Overall, shopping for a Valentine’s day gift isn’t too difficult. If your Valentine really cares about you, they will love anything you get them. Whether you’re shopping for your friends, family, or significant other, just try and get something from the heart!