Spider-Man: No Way Home


Madison Sondermeyer, Op-Ed


  “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was released December 17th, 2021 amidst so many questions, it was hard to tell what was true and what wasn’t. Was the movie even going to be any good after all the hype? Even with all the last minute reshoots? Are all the Spider-Man’s coming back (including Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland?) In the trailer MJ (Zendaya) falls, but who catches her? It doesn’t seem to be Tom Holland’s hand or his suit. How well will they be able to recreate Dr. Octopus? What villains will be back to make an appearance? 

  As the movie came to an end, Spider-Man had to make the decision to save the entire world. He had to pick between everyone knowing Peter Parker was Spider-Man or no one knowing at all. MJ and Ned were among those who had to “forget” Peter, and they were the people he first tried to change the spell for so they would still remember him.  Hopefully there will be another movie and with THAT movie would come the question: will Spider-Man get MJ and Ned back into his life? 

  “Spider-Man: No Way Home” brought a lot to the table and only opened up the door for more opportunities and ideas where the story could go next. The ending is a cliffhanger, while at the same time the ending could also just BE the end, and producers don’t have to make another. If that were the case, however, the ending would only upset the fans. They want more to the story, and to be quite honest, so do I! 

  One theory for the next movie would be that Spider-man (Tom Holland) will need his friends back to help him with something big, therefore he will have to make them remember their pasts and their relationships. He knows right now that they are living a safe, happy life without him, but will he be able to continue to live without them? He has already lost his Aunt May, and Tony Stark knows his friends, too. 


  Some positive reviews from “Rotten Tomato” said that “This was the best “Spider-Man” yet!” There were also people who said “this movie allows for a surprisingly impactful reappraisal of a long-held Spidey franchise consensus” some even said it was their ”…favorite Spiderman Ever in my 50 years of Spiderman” and that “ If [they] could see the movie for the first time again, [they] would. It was epic and amazing”. As for the bad reviews, there are none really to find. 

  Tom Holland made about $4-7 million while Andrew Garfiled and Tobey Maguire made about $1 million each. While the overall budget was about $200 million. As a whole, “No Way Home” has officially made the most money of any Spider-Man movie before, with $1.53 billion so far. There is a lot of debate over who is the best Spider-Man. Many people think that Tobey Maguire is the best because his films are the most memorable. However, before Stan Lee passed he is believed to have said that Tom Holland was “the perfect Spider-Man.” As for Andrew Garfiled, he has always been picked on, but he has a special little place in everyone’s heart. In the end, picking a favorite is impossible; they are all fantastic in their own way.  This only shows that there should be more movies with the three of them in it, because “No Way Home” was easily the most successful Spider-Man movie in history. 

  The question is, what will really happen, what theories will be right, and how soon will we get the trailer for the next Spider-Man movie?