sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is almost here! With  this  in mind  people are thinking about how to get their loved ones all those teddy bears and a lot of red and pink stuff!  A lot of people think Valentine’s Day is just for couples, but  Valentine’s day can also be for families and any loved ones,  too.  Celebrate with your friends and have a Gal-entine’s Day or get together with the guys to hang out. No matter how you are celebrating or to whom you are giving gifts, even if you are just getting yourself a treat, one of the most popular gifts  to get anyone is candy!


 When you think of Valentine’s day and candy, you probably  think of a heart shaped box of chocolates, but there are plenty of other sweet treats  you can get your loved ones. M&Ms are one option, which, according to  “ Candy Industry”,  is  the most  popular candy sold in New Jersey on Valentine’s Day.  Some other popular candies for Valentine’s Day are heart shaped  boxes of chocolate. These have been around since Valentine’s Day 1861. Today, more than 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year.   Some other popular candies  on Valentine’s Day are  conversation hearts,  Charm’s Valentine’s lollipops, and of course any kind of chocolate!


Be aware though, that there are some terrible options out there when it comes to candy on Valentine’s Day. According to “Mashed”,  here are some of the worst Valentine’s Day candy. White Cheesecake M&Ms are the worst and are voted as most disgusting, the website says. Along with  these, another vote for worst candy goes to Lindor Strawberries  and Cream White Chocolate Truffles,  and Cupid Corn, which is a pink and white version of famous Halloween candy favorite, candy corn.  


I think we can all agree that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, candy is one of the first things you think of; it would be hard to go wrong.  Find out what your loved one likes!  That is the word on the candy available, but as we always say here at “The Highland Echo”, follow your heart, get whatever YOU like, no matter what anyone else thinks,  and make sure you and your loved ones get a tasty treat this Valentine’s Day!