should it snow on Christmas?


    It’s officially Christmas season!  With this in mind,  people are decorating, watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. Watching those Hallmark movies or Christmas classics and listening to seasonal songs can fill you with joy. Doing these activities can also get you thinking about snow–especially the song “White Christmas’!’ With this in mind, many people, myself included, want it to snow on Christmas. Last time it snowed on Christmas was 2017 with 1 to 2 inches of snow.  Which brings me to the debating point: should it snow on Christmas?


Reasons why it should snow on Christmas 


One reason why it should snow on Christmas is because it adds to the Christmas feeling. There’s nothing like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a blanket of white falling on your lawn. Another reason why it should snow on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day is because the snow adds to the decorations. When driving down the street all around Christmas time and seeing the snow and lights together looks beautiful and makes you feel like you’re in a Christmas movie. A final reason why it should snow on Christmas is because you can play in the snow. On Christmas, a lot of people spend time with family and friends. If it snowed, people could play in the snow together on Christmas building snowpeople and having playful snowball fights. 


Why it should not snow on Christmas  


Even  though  with all the good things that come with snow on Christmas there are some cons to it snowing as well. One reason why people don’t want it to snow on Christmas is because many people have to travel and snow on the roads could make that messy or even dangerous. Even with COVID-19, people are probably going to travel to be with their families on the holiday. However, snow could greatly affect that possibility. If it snows really badly, people may not be able to drive or fly on planes for their travel plans. Another reason why people may not want it to snow on Christmas is because the power might go out.  If the power goes out on Christmas, chances are people won’t be able to get home and if they stay with their families, people’s houses will be cold or they may not be able to cook any food!  Those things would make for a very bad Christmas . Plus, if it snows on Christmas and people get stuck in houses, they are not guaranteed to be able to leave the next day. It all depends on how much the roads are covered, but we all know there are certain relatives you do NOT want to have to be stuck with for days on end! Now this is only if it snows really badly; if it snows a little or minimum amount, then that’s a different story. Personally, I’d love to see snow covered grass and bushes.  It would be the perfect amount to make it look pretty but not cause any problems.  What is your opinion? Do you like a white Christmas or do you like it when it is plain or even when it is warm? Let us know on our Twitter!


As you can see there are many pros and cons  to it snowing on Christmas. In my opinion, I would love for it to snow on Christmas  but not so much that the power goes out and people can’t go anywhere. Yes, I know that  that is wishful thinking but again that is just my opinion. You can think whatever you want to think about whether or not it should snow on Christmas.