The pros and cons of Black Friday


With Thanksgiving coming, many people are getting excited for food and family time. But with Thanksgiving also comes the crazy shopping day after Black Friday, AKA the biggest shopping day of the year! On this day, people tend to shop a lot online and in stores. Since COVID-19 began, there is no doubt that online shopping has become more popular. Even though Black Friday is great and all,  just like every other popular thing in the world there are pros and cons to it.

Pros to Black Friday:

The day it is placed on! One of the good things about Black Friday is that it’s the day after Thanksgiving which means that the next holiday after Thanksgiving is Christmas. That means that people will be going crazy shopping and wanting to get gifts. Another pro for Black Friday shopping is the great deals! Prices tend to be the lowest they’ve been all year, making it easy for people to get more gifts and spend less money. Also, you can go with your friends and family. With people visiting their families for Thanksgiving, it is a good way to spend time together with people you don’t see a lot. Finally, unlike Cyber Monday, you can actually go and see the product you’re buying.

Cons to Black Friday:

One con to Black Friday also has something to do with the day on which it falls. Even though shopping can be a great family activity, some people think that we should use Friday after Thanksgiving to spend more time with our families. In my opinion, people should  spend time with their families if they can, whether they are shopping or staying home.  Another con to Black Friday has to do with employees that work in stores. Since Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping day of the year, it should not be a surprise that a lot of work goes into it. Employees in popular stores  have spent Thanksgiving getting the stores ready for Black Friday instead of spending time with their families. Black Friday shopping also tends to be very crowded. People spend hours on lines overnight at stores so they can get the things they want for Christmas. Now, since the pandemic, there has been less shopping in person, but stores can still get packed. Some people even get hurt from being stepped on or pushed.

Black Friday is a great day to shop, especially around Christmas. It’s no secret why Black Friday is so popular. But  there are also some bad things about it, too.  What about you?  Do you go into the store to go shopping on Black Friday, do you shop online, or do you stay home still in a turkey-coma?