Experiencing the joys of America part three


With the school year coming to an end, it is a great time to wrap up this article series and get everyone excited for places to visit this summer. The first state in this article will be Massachusetts, and the coolest spot to go is Salem. This town is full of history and witch tours due to its mysterious past. It also has an outstanding museum for people to learn more about the town and its chronicles, with a gift shop to buy something to remember the experience. There are also amazing restaurants around the town such as The Village Tavern, Nathaniel’s, and Red’s Sandwich Shop. Salem around Halloween is the coolest time to go because there are midnight grave tours, witch frights, and so many cool ghostly related things.  No matter what time of year a person decides to go, it is still fun and has a chill of evil spirits lingering around.

Next on the bucket list is Silver Lakes Sand Dunes in Michigan. If you have a valid driver’s license, this is the place to rent buggies and drive around on the sand dunes. There are many competitions that are held here, however it is fun for the whole family, because those without licenses can be passengers. It is open in the spring, summer, and fall, and requires a reservation to rent the karts. There are multiple courses to ride on for those who want more experience, and there is also “open ride” where you can drive them around in the designated area. 

In the cold climate of Minnesota, there is a special place called Peace Bunny Island, where wild bunnies roam around. Visitors can pet and play with these bunnies who live in freedom. It is a wood set that has logs, hammocks, and tree stumps for people to sit on when playing with these adorable fluffy bunnies. Tourists take a boat to get to the island and have a few hours to explore the island and play around before heading back with their group. The bunnies on this island are friendly and used to people, however just be alert and do not play with a bunny that seems unwilling or agitated. 

    Mississippi is home to Red Bluff hiking trail, a beautiful scenic hike along cliffs of red marble. There is a narrow pathway, and this hike is known to be a bit more for advanced hikers, however there is a spot for anyone who would just like to stop and take photos. Along the way there are many locations to check out the scenery, such as a waterfall, tree grove, and road signs made for the hike. Fun Fact: sometimes people will host wedding ceremonies on this trail because of how beautiful and pure it is. This should definitely be a place everyone checks out once in his or her lifetime. 

In the Southern state of Missouri, lies the Bonne Terre Mines, the coolest mine shaft in America. Visitors can take a boat ride through the water filled cave to explore. The cave is one natural made river, with many paths to take. Every boat gets a tour guide to prevent getting lost due to the enormity of this cave. In one section, for more advanced explorers, there are ladders and even an area to scuba dive and look at the old eroded structures under the water.

Swan Valley, located in Montana, is a mountain with an open plane, perfect for picnics and simple nature strolls. This is a historic restoration, and is available for visits during the entire year, and it houses another unknown secret, there is a lodge for people to stay overnight.

    In the Midwest is Audubon Rowe Sanctuary in Nebraska, a famous bird sanctuary on the water. This wildlife retreat is a protection facility with beautiful views, where tourists can learn so much about birds and other animals such as reptiles and snakes. It is a great learning experience for those who enjoy nature.

    This next place is geared towards adults, and that is Las Vegas, Nevada. Being the world’s most famous casino empire, Vegas is meant for anyone 21 and older. There is unlimited gambling, hotels to stay with pools, bars, restaurants, pretty much anything one can think of. The hotels are themed such as Paris, modeled after Paris, France which has a mini statue of the Eiffel Tower. Las Vegas is a popular honeymoon destination, or overall couples place, however it can be enjoyed with anyone, as long as they are of legal age. 

    New Hampshire, the cold state up North, has a unique mountain coaster, a literal roller coaster that goes down a mountain. It is two people per car, along a wooden track that goes straight down a mountain with incredible scenery. This ride operates in the summer and even in the snow, although it reaches extremely low temperatures. 

Since the school year is ending, I do not have time to complete every state, however I will list my favorite place from each of the remaining ones and put a link for everyone to learn more about them. 

New Jersey – The Jersey Shore https://www.nj.com/entertainment/2021/05/the-25-best-jersey-shore-towns-ranked.html

New Mexico – Meow Wolf 


New York – Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island


North Carolina – Sliding Rock


North Dakota – International Peace Garden


Ohio – Ravenwood Castle


Oklahoma – Philbrook Museum of Art


Oregon – Opal Creek


Pennsylvania – Hershey Park


Rhode Island – Mohegan Bluffs Beach


South Carolina – Myrtle Beach


South Dakota – Badlands National Park


Tennessee – Dollywood Express


Texas – Campbell’s Hole


Utah – Kanarraville


Vermont – Ice Castle Stratton


Virginia – Busch Gardens


Washington – Hidden Lake Lookout


West Virginia – Cranberry Glades


Wisconsin – Mirror Lake State Park


Wyoming – Red Desert