Hole in one: Boys golf swings the season to a close

Shane Yodice, Sports Editor

A little birdie told me that Boys Golf is up and running. The team is ready to get holes in ones and shoot low scores and earn some well deserved wins. I interviewed one player from the golf team, Mike Petronaci, to ask about how he feels about the upcoming golf season for the boys along with many other questions.


Petronaci said, “I feel great about [the upcoming season]; we have a great group of guys and I feel confident about our potential.” Then when asked about what strengths the team has, Petronaci  responded, “Our team truly enjoys the game and we have great camaraderie.” 


Though there have been many changes to the game with Covid, for instance, athletes have to wear masks during shots in the match, Petronaci doesn’t let this hold him back, “ I don’t think [the mask] affects you unless you focus on it. If you just ignore it, it doesn’t matter much.” 


Goals are always an important part of sports and trying to better oneself. When we asked what some of his personal goals are Petronaci said, “ [My goal] would be a round under 40 and he thinks as a team goal is to have a .500 record or better” which sounds like a good goal. 


Finally, when asked what things he wants to improve or accomplish this season, Petronaci answered, “I am trying to be more consistent with my game, because I can play really well and the next day play really bad. If I can stay consistent I would be really happy.” 

All I can say is, good luck to all the boys on their season, and shoot some low scores. Go Highlanders!