Experiencing the joys of America: part two

After reading the first part of this article trilogy, and maybe even exploring some of the places in the first list, it is time to read about even more places to visit in America. 

To start, Illinois is home to the Salt Cave, a relaxing resort and spa where anyone can go to relax to be pampered. The inside of this cave is filled with Himalayan Salt to give the peaceful and healing energy craved by those who go to spas. There are chairs set up for relaxing with friends and family, while being surrounded by incense and natural oils. There is also a gift shoppe where customers can purchase salts, crystals, and any other natural healing remedies that may have been used at the resort.

Next to Illinois is the state Indiana, where tourists can find Brown County, a famous getaway spot that sits on a lake. Right on the water there are multiple homes that can be rented that offer breathtaking views of the lake and trees. Parks surround the area for walking, biking, bringing dogs, even hiking. The famous bridge that sits above the water is the perfect place to take pictures; the recommended time of visit is the fall when all the trees have changed colors and the scenery looks like a masterpiece. 

Pella, Iowa is an old fashioned town filled with shops, running water such as streams and ponds, and gardens galore. There are tons of shops and places to eat in this small town, and it offers an experience similar to Warwick, New York with fewer people. Anyone who loves small town vibes, or has seen the show “Gilmore Girls” can imagine how incredible it would be to take a trip to a town like this. Summer can become slightly busy, so it is best to visit during the off season for the best, most hometown experience possible. 

For those who love historical places to visit, Castle Campbell in Kansas is a great place to tour. This castle looks like it comes straight out of a movie; it is built out of old bricks with a conical structure in the front. . Castle Campbell is built on a small lake on a large property surrounded by trees and shapely kept shrubbery. Tourists can tour the inside of the castle, which boasts over thirty rooms which have been kept the same as they were in the 1800’s. The carpets, wood, and furniture are all old-fashioned. Although it was recently sold for $3,500,000.00, the owners (as of now) are still allowing for tours. 

A unique place to go in the state of Kentucky is the Shaker Village, located in Pleasant Hill. This is a religious place based on the Shaker’s religion and has been kept the same since the town was created. Similar to the Amish Country, Shaker Village is still home to Shakers where tourists can see how they live, and the major differences between their society and ours. They have a massive church where anyone could go to pray and spend time worshipping, along with homes for the women and men. The town is large in square acres, but there are about five buildings total because of the simplicity of their lifestyles. Visitors can get around on foot or by buggy, and while using a car is allowed, it is discouraged if you are attempting to spend the day as a Shaker. 

The place I will be suggesting for Louisiana is more about what time you visit then where you visit. Mardi Gras is a huge festival that takes place in New Orleans and could be on every American’s bucket list. I have met multiple people who have gone and they have all said it is the best experience in the world. The most popular spot where the core of Mardi Gras takes place is Frenchman Street where there are music, lights, masks, and food carts. The whole place lights up at night, and the noise seems to never die down. There is a giant party that occurs on the street with a parade decked to the nines. Everyone seems to be friends with everyone and the celebration is loved by millions. 

The Northernmost state of Maine is famous for its abundance of moose, an animal that is both massive and beautiful. When in Maine, the coolest experience possible is a Moose Safari on the water. Those who sign up get their own kayak on a river and row downstream surrounded by wild moose in their natural habitat. There is a tour guide who shows you how to stay safe, demonstrates  the correct way to paddle down the river, and teaches fun facts about Maine. There are multiple locations throughout Maine to enjoy this experience, but the most famous is Northeast Whitewater. Tourists stop to take pictures and selfies with the moose, and finding a baby moose, or a calf,  is like finding golden treasure. 

One of the coolest places to visit in America is located in Maryland, and is the Baltimore Aquarium and Zoo. Online, visitors can buy joint tickets to spend the whole day in these two attractions. The aquarium is one of the biggest in the country, and it has an insane amount of fun attractions. There is a dolphin show, shark tanks, walkthrough fish arenas, animals to touch, and more. The zoo has  plentiful animals ranging from tigers to small monkeys. These are great places to visit in the spring or fall when it is not too hot where the places smell like manure in the summer, and not too cold where the animals aren’t out.  The Baltimore Aquarium is also located on a harbor that has fun activities such as paddle boarding, boats to rent, and tons of restaurants at which you can eat.

America is filled with amazing places ranging from beautiful towns to town wide parties. There is something for everyone to do; families may prefer more less intense activities while couples and groups of friends would live it up at Mardi Gras. No matter who you are, feel free to participate in any of these things, because, what is life if not creating remarkable memories?