Dip party delights

April Roccisano, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Chip (or crackers or veggies) and dip parties are all the rage right now. Everyone seems to be having them; whether it’s because of convenience or fun, they seem to be very popular as of late. It is so easy to eat dips with crackers, chips, or even spoons because they act as finger foods. The trend started on TikTok when all the videos of people eating dip became popular. These parties can even have themes if desired. Some of the most popular types of dips that are served at dip parties include spinach artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip, and taco dip for dinner dips. Dessert dips include Oreo dip and cannoli dip, both are simple to make and are enjoyed by many. The easiest way to get all these dips made is to assign one type to each person coming, and have it be a planned potluck, ensuring no one brings the same thing as another. 

A popular time of the year to host a dip party is around the holidays because there is a fun atmosphere and the dips can be decorated with a Christmas, Hanukkah, or other winter themes. The same idea holds true with any other holidays, like Halloween, Easter, etc. As long as there are at least eight people coming over to join so there are a variety of dips, a chip and dip party would be a great time. 

My personal favorite idea for a themed dip party is country night, where each dip represents something from the West, like a taco dip, barbeque chicken dip, and cinnamon roll dip, all of which are delicious options. 


Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe:
2 Chicken Breasts

3 cups cheddar cheese

1 block cream cheese

2 tbsp Marie’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (as much as you want)

Crumbled Blue Cheese *optional*

Boil chicken in water until almost cooked (pro-tip–use a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from Shop-Rite!)

Shred the chicken into a bowl

Add the wet ingredients to the bowl

Place flavored chicken into pan

Drizzle cheese on top of the chicken

Bake on 350℉ for 35 minutes or until golden brown on top

For additional flavor add blue cheese crumbles on top