Strikingly perfect: Bowling takes top spot in Passaic

Shane Yodice, Sports Editor

The Highlander Boys & Girls bowling teams started with multiple striking wins over teams like Dumont, Wayne Hills, along with many others in division rivals. Both teams had gone undefeated earlier in the season, winning each of their matches by over 100 pins or more. Recently the teams suffered two losses, but they still are number one in Passaic. 

 On the boys side, these 5 players are making names for themselves: RJ Utter (Senior), Shane Yodice (Junior), Collin Goldberg (Junior), Mike Snyder (Sophomore), and Matt Strianse (Sophomore). Most of the matches had been cancelled and rescheduled due to weather. This setback caused the team only to have at least five games bowled, while almost five or six games were cancelled. On the girls side, several players also making their names heard, Amanda Finke (Senior), Kallie Moore (Junior), Hayley Schmier (Junior), Cassidy Kunz (Sophomore), Serena Kunz (Sophomore), Maxine Kunz (Sophomore), and Colleen Janetzko (Sophomore).  Along with the JV girls, Rebecca Sledge (Freshmen), Chloe Burns (Freshmen), Angelena Colucci (Freshmen), Amelia Pilatowski (Freshmen),and Julie Carlino (Freshmen). Ended up only losing one match the whole season.

Everyone has been bowling amazingly with 2 of the boys ranking in the top 10 in North Jersey in boys, RJ at 4 and Shane at 7, while on the girls side, Amanda Finke ranked 3rd in North Jersey. Everyone of them had an amazing season with 4 of the bowlers averaging over 200. Many of the others also bowled fantastic as well, with many first year bowlers doing amazing I can hope that they keep this up and get better in the future as they get more experience. And next year hopefully with the return if everything goes back to normal the Highlanders can bring home a state trophy next season when all the tournaments and states return.