How to start 2021 on the right foot

  Losing weight.  Exercising more.  Eating better.  Not procrastinating. Reading more. Being a better person. These are all goals people set out to accomplish at the start of the new year—resolutions if you will.  However, for some people making a New Year’s resolution is something they forget about completely.  People get so caught up in the major events and holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, that nobody really puts in thought as to what comes next.  Many people never follow through with the tasks they set out to accomplish and some people never even set goals for themselves at all.

 Some people make their resolutions as easy as not eating chips or not drinking soda for 40 days.  While those resolutions aren’t necessarily bad, people could put more thought into what they want to achieve.  People could set more than one goal and could really strive to work on themselves for THEMSELVES, not for someone else. I think if people were to step back, they would realize a lot of things they like and dislike about themselves that maybe they want to change or improve upon.  I myself am guilty of these things. I never took new year’s resolutions seriously before, but when quarantine started, I personally stepped back and made sure I was happy mentally with all the decisions I was making. This year I have decided to put more thought and dedication into my New Year’s Resolutions.

Don’t get me wrong– you’re young; it’s fun to live in the moment.  But, sometimes, it’s good for you to think ahead maybe a few months or years in advance and say, “If I keep doing this or acting this way, will I be who I want to be? Will I be truly happy? Am I truly happy right now?” If not, what has to change in order for that “no” to be a “yes”. Boom!  There you have a New Year’s Resolution that you don’t need to share with anyone but yourself. 

If you did (or didn’t do) some soul searching, but you want an idea that is not too deep or too complicated, then I have some ideas of relatively common goals people have.  One resolution could be as easy as cutting back on calories, or even eating more. Another could be working out and getting in better shape so you like the way you look. Maybe there’s nothing you want to change appearance-wise, but you just want to put yourself out there more and make new friends. You could help out more around the house or find a job. The world is the limit because it is YOUR new year’s resolution, so, what are you waiting for?