Love Is In The Air This Valentine’s Day!

  Valentine’s day is only a few weeks away, and there are a lot of mixed opinions about it. Some people think Valentine’s day is a joke, or that it’s stupid, while others feel that it is an important holiday to show appreciation for those in your life whom you love. Whether you have a special someone to spend it with or not, you can still celebrate with friends or family, have a Gal-entines day, or just have a good time doing something you love to do. 

  Some couples say that even though they are in a relationship, they still want their significant other to ask them to be their valentine with a cute gesture. Some also say that just because they are dating doesn’t mean they are automatically Valentine’s.  What do you think? Should you be asked, whether you are single or not, to be someone’s Valentine? 

  Gal-entines is Valentine’s day but with all your girlfriends instead of one significant other.  It’s all your close friends spending it together doing things like shopping, mani pedis, getting lunch or dinner, or watching movies and baking with them. It’s doing things you would do with your partner, but doing those activities with your friends instead. 

  Some easy things you can do to enjoy the day whether with family, friends, or a significant other are watching a movie, baking some homemade cookies together, sharing some chocolates, or enjoying a nice dinner out! Get dressed up or dressed down for your night. 

  Some people struggle with what to get their special someone for Valentine’s Day, so some ideas about what to get your significant other are a collage of pictures of you together, maybe you could go out for a nice dinner (don’t forget the chocolate or  flowers.)  You could get your significant other a blanket to be nice and cozy or a stuffed animal to cuddle with.  Some couples want to make their gifts to each other more meaningful, so try to think of things that your partner reminds you of, maybe a movie night with a box of snacks because s/he loves movies and food. Some snacks I recommend are chocolate, candy hearts, ice cream, rice crispy treats, a cake/ cupcakes, and cookies.  Maybe you want to write him/her a meaningful letter about how much s/he means to you and how much you cherish the time you spend together.  Some popular movies to watch on V-day are Valentines Day, 10 Things I hate about you, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, 50 First Dates, Set it up, Love Actually, The Wedding Singer, and When We First Met. 

  Valentine’s day is about more than just chocolate; it’s about appreciating those you have close to you, and really taking into account how lucky you are to have each other.  Valentine’s Day can also be a day about self-love and how much you have grown into the person you are today. You can definitely be by yourself and still have a great time–don’t let this day go to waste! Enjoy it for yourself. You can take yourself shopping or buy something you really want. You can also treat yourself to some dinner or movie with some treats. You can do anything you want or have always wanted to do, but put it off. Now you don’t have an excuse not to do it but instead you have an excuse to do it. 

  Valentine’s day is just a day of love. You can do anything you feel is right for you and your partner. It doesn’t have to be big or a physical thing you give them, just spread love and happiness, especially because it’s a new year and last year was a wreck, so get off on the right foot because this year holds lots of potential.