Which Console Should Be Under Your Tree? Xbox Series X or PS5

Shane Yodice, Sports Editor

With the new year comes new consoles, with Sony releasing the PS5 and Microsoft releasing the Xbox Series X. There’s a question on many parent’s minds, which console should I buy for my son or daughter? Each console has its perks and its disadvantages, in this article I can help you choose which one to get. The main question that you are probably thinking when you are going to purchase is; How much is each console? Is it worth it? How long will it last?

Two next-generation consoles have been battling for a long time in the video game market: the Xbox and the Playstation. With the new year comes new editions of the consoles, with Sony releasing the PS5 and Microsoft releasing the Xbox Series X. Each console has unique and astonishing features like no other console has, whether it be the amount of RAM it has to the price point. Let’s see which one you should get your son or daughter for the holidays!

First, let’s start off with Microsoft’s newest release the Xbox Series X. This 275 mm tall, 151mm deep, and 63.5 mm wide console is designed to give players the ability (according to Xbox) to power their dreams. With this console running 120 fps (frames per second) with optimized which allows faster-reduced loading times for everything. Another new feature with a smart delivery that always updates the game to the newest version when you buy a game once also has many favorite games from the Xbox 360 to now. Along with a 3D spatial sound that immerses you in the game you play, with 12 teraflops of power and a powerhouse for a chip.All this and many more for the price of $499.

Now let’s go over Sony’s newest release, the PS5, another next-generation console featuring many special features like a custom GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) based on the company’s RDNA (Radeon DNA) 2 architecture. In addition, this console peaks at 10.28 teraflops with 16 gb of ram and with a variable frequency CPU and it has 2 different versions a digital and the regular version. The digital doesn’t require you having to buy discs while with the regular you can buy the discs and put them in.

I put out a survey asking which one of these next-gen consoles they preferred and out of 124 people 71 out of them said Ps5 while only 53 said the Xbox Series X.