Taylor Swift single-handedly saving 2020

Taylor Swift single-handedly saving 2020

April Roccisano, Co-Editor-in-Chief

It was announced a few months ago that Taylor Swift was working on re-recording her old songs such as “Love Story” and “Fearless”, which will be made into new albums. She has been working on this for a while, so while doing that, finishing “folklore”, and releasing her documentary “Long Pond Sessions” on Disney+, another album caught everyone off guard. It is clear Swift barely sleeps, for she is always trying to keep her fans happy while creating amazing songs.

Following Swift’s journey from a small town country girl to the most powerful female artist of the decade is extraordinary for fans, as she continues to provide phenomenal songs and pull-at-your-heartstrings lyrics. After one listen of this album I was captivated; her song “tolerate it” sold me on just how powerful her music can be. After “folklore” became huge over the summer, never did fans expect her to release another album so soon, while also re-recording her old songs. 

Most people are not as much of a mega Swiftie as I am, however, even her less-obsessed fans were elated when she announced on December 10,  that she would be releasing her ninth studio album at midnight. The shock and excitement many fans felt was tremendous. The album is called “evermore”, and it might be some of Swift’s best work ever.

“evermore” is a sister album to “folklore”, her eighth studio album that came out this past July. Both albums have similar vibes, however they are almost opposite of each other. Let me explain–“folklore” has a sadder, slower atmosphere in which fans cry along with Swift’s obvious pain. “evermore”, though, is more of a rebirth album, with many more love songs. The melodies are similar, but the tones and lyrics differ immensely.

Her opening song “willow” sets the peaceful tone for the entire album, which is calm and serene. The music video for “willow” was also released at midnight, the same time as the album. Track two on the album, “champagne problems”  talks about the beautiful story of someone with an alcohol problem and her lost love. There is even speculation Swift wrote this song about her bestie Selena Gomez, and Gomez’s relationship with pop star Justin Beiber.  The melody is extremely catchy and has relatable lyrics, as many people have been in toxic relationships due to drugs, alcohol, and overall mental health, or, they have also had to abandon a relationship for the same reasons. 

Another underrated song on this album is track three, “gold rush”, which talks about a girl not wanting to be second choice and that she is sick of being the first one everyone rushes to when things get hard, but otherwise they don’t need her. It also shows the meaning of a relationship built around obsession, and the song ends when the girl realizes this relationship will not work. 

Song four, “‘tis the damn season”, talks about hooking up with a past-ex during the holidays when everyone is back in their hometown. This song is extremely popular and relatable for Swift’s target audience, because of high school/college students who listen to her music and the fact that they all come home for Thanksgiving, the holidays, and winter break.  

My personal favorite on this album, “tolerate it” is about someone who gives all their love to someone who puts in minimal effort to love them back. This song sparks many emotions and shows many fears people fear in relationships, such as it being one-sided or possibly pouring out one’s heart and yet still ending up alone. 

The general theme of this album is about lost love, losing love, and finding happiness again. Now that you have a brief idea of the first few songs, listen to the album to create your own meanings in her songs, because music is meant to be interpreted differently.