“Star Wars”: The fall of this franchise

The final saga wrap up in awful way

Patrick Babbitt, Sports Editor

In 2012, Disney purchased the rights to Lucasfilms, which added the Star Wars franchise to classic characters like Mickey Mouse. When people first heard, fans were as happy as ewoks. The potential to these new films was as big as an AT-AT, and everybody was excited to see the potential. Now, here we are at the end of the sequel trilogy, with Disney’s three movies finished, and sadly, this last film was a waste of time.

Above: The poster above shows all the main characters, such as Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren. Photo Courtesy: forbes.com

Out of the three films, there was only one worth watching, “The Force Awakens.” Even that film was nowhere near the original trilogy, as it had such a similar plot to “A New Hope, where we were introduced to a young hero, and they would help destroy the Death Star. There was also an elderly man who died in both films, as Obi Wan Kenobi was killed by Darth Vader, and Han Solo was killed by Kylo Ren.
However, “The Last Jedi” was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life, almost as bad as “Attack of the Clones.” The movie overall portrayed my childhood hero, Luke Skywalker act differently than my childhood hero as I knew him; he acted ignorant and didn’t want to help Rey at all. Luke joined the rebellion to avenge his uncle and aunt as they were killed by the empire. He would learn the force, and was a major cause to which was why the empire was destroyed.
Directors also killed off Snoke, and viewers weren’t able to learn his backstory since Kylo Ren killed him. During the film, there was the development of Kylo Ren and Rey’s relationship, known as Relo. This had a connection, but, in the previous film she began building a connection with Finn so it makes no sense why she would change her feelings. Knowing this film was bad and had a different direction as “Force Awakens,” director Rian Johnson turned down the film, and Lucasfilms hired J.J. Abrams, who had previously directed “Force Awakens.” I had a little hope in the movie, yet clearly I was wrong, as this film was not that great. Before I continue, SPOILERS are coming so if you still haven’t seen the movie yet, I would advise checking it out.
First, for the positives; the visual arts in this movie were amazing. Every scene was cool to look at, as every frame’s visual was intriguing. I also really enjoyed Poe Dameron as a character, as he always tries to do what’s right, such as going with Rey to find Exegol to destroy The Final Order. Hopefully Poe can return to the multiple Disney shows the company plans to make.
In case you haven’t heard, Emperor Palpatine is back. After he was thrown to his death by Darth Vader in “Return of the Jedi,” he apparently didn’t die and has been building this powerful army called “The Final Order” for thirty years. I guess Abrams just wants us to completely forget about Kylo Ren and The First Order, and focus all of our attention on Palpatine. Although he was cool during this film, such as electrocuting all the Resistance’s ships, it was weird watching him as his eyes were all white and it was a bit confusing not knowing if he was actually real or imaginary. To add to this, I was previously mad about Snoke dying, now it all makes sense that Emperor Palpatine controlled him as himself the whole, only to lure Kylo to the dark side.
The reason I dislike Palpatine coming back is I feel like they came up with no better idea, and by bringing him back after we clearly saw him fall off a ledge in “Return of the Jedi” shows Disney had no clear intent about what this film would bring. It would have been really cool if Disney hadn’t shown Palpatine in any trailers, and then his return would have been a surprise. That could’ve been a big shock, and people would’ve been jumping out of their seats. The trailers could’ve just been about The First Order, with Kylo Ren and General Hux. General Hux did play a huge role for the Resistance, as he told them where Palpatine’s location was, as he hated Kylo Ren who was mentored by Palpatine. Yet General Hux is killed by one of Palpatine’s top generals, as it seems pointless that General Hux has no purpose in these franchises.
Palpatine is also Rey’s grandfather. Throughout the three movies I was angry how Rey was so powerful, as she barely had any training and she just became this very powerful jedi. Now it all makes sense to me, as Emperor Palpatine was one of the most powerful people in the galaxy, and from being related to him shows that she’s powerful. It also shows how awful of a person Palpatine is, as he killed his son because he wouldn’t give Rey up to Palpatine, as he knew what Rey would become. My question is who would make a child with Palpatine?
Another character who returned is Lando Calerissian, because, why not? He had no purpose in the film, as he only helped the Resistance for a little bit, and also flew the Millennium Falcon in the final battle. Otherwise, he was only there to get people to come to watch the movie.
Another problem with the film was moving from scene to scene way too quickly. For example, one scene began with Kylo talking to Palpatine, then quickly shifted to Finn and Poe getting intel about how there’s a spy, then went back to Rey training, and then the Resistance finds out about Palpatine and his final order, so then they all decide to go to Passana in order to retrieve a clue where Exegol could be. All of this took only about 20-30 minutes, which shows how rushed the movie was. They took a four hour movie, and crushed it into a two and a half hour movie, which is a big mistake directors tend to make.
The main thing which I disliked about this film was the ending. It didn’t feel like it wrapped up the whole saga. In the end, Kylo decides to turn to the Resistance after his mother died. He then turns to the good side, and abandons Palpatine, as his father Han Solo tells him there’s still good in him. Kylo then decides to help Rey fight Palpatine on Exegol after she finds the coordinates to get there, which were inside the second Death Star which crashed on the planet. Which, by the way, did Palpatine know he was going to die, and had this whole plan to create a massive army?
Anyway, the Resistance comes up with a plan to go to Exegol and defeat Palpatine’s final order, which made no sense how the final order could have lost when they had hundreds of star destroyers. But the Resistance destroys the first order, as Kylo and Rey team up to take down Palpatine’s bodyguards, and Rey then uses the voices of other Jedi to kill Palpatine. Then Kylo and Rey kiss, but Kylo then dies. Then Rey goes back to Tatooine, and when someone asks, she says she’s a Skywalker, as Luke and Leia pretty much raised her. Overall, all these scenes seemed pretty choppy, and had no overall direct flow to them, as the writers clearly could have made this better.
Number one, there was no relationship with Finn and Rey, as Finn tried but Rey was truly in love with Kylo, which makes sense as the two went through a journey together. Second, the film didn’t feel like it had a cool moment, as I disliked everything which tried to make them a cool moment, such as when Rey killed Palpatine, I wasn’t excited as I was the first time I saw the second Death Star be destroyed. Third, Palpatine electrocuted all the Resistance’s ships with his fingers, yet he couldn’t even kill Rey.
Overall, I think Disney never should have never made these three films, as the second and third movies to this prequel were pure garbage. The tv shows are pretty cool, and I hope Lucasfilms can keep making them as good as “The Mandalorian.” I hope “Star Wars” never makes another movie, as Disney has clearly ruined them. Thank goodness the saga ended, as I hope they never add to this trash.