Should Students be Able to Grade Their Teachers?

Madison Sondermeyer, Out and About Editor

In school, students are graded based on their performance, participation, and work. They are also judged on their behavior and how they act with others. But, why don’t students get to report on teachers? Why don’t we get to say how we feel about their teaching, performance and behavior? Each teacher has his/her style and preferences of teaching, but what if those methods don’t teach the kids well enough for them to truly comprehend the lesson being taught?

 I know I have been put in classes where I just can’t learn or keep up because the teacher is just talking or going too fast, and I know that wasn’t the only one in the class who felt that way. It’s frustrating when the teacher doesn’t listen to you when you’re trying to ask for help. Teachers say “don’t be afraid to ask for help,” but when you ask, some yell at you because they claim to have just taught it. Teachers have the administrators and the Board of Education members evaluating them, but these school officials don’t see the teachers everyday. When a student reports a teacher, sometimes no one does anything. Someone might talk to the teacher, but that’s it. What I mean by this is that I witnessed an anonymous person as they went to guidance and reported a teacher for singling her out, almost being unfair to her, and blatantly not letting her do things other kids did. Guidance had a meeting with her and nothing happened. I also spoke to another anonymous speaker from another town who said that a new transfer student couldn’t speak English and when she tried her best, the teacher ripped up her paper in front of her face and yelled at her for it. However, when a teacher reports a student, he/she gets an automatic detention without hearing his/her side as to why they acted that way.

 Not all students should grade teachers because there will always be kids who don’t take the “grading” seriously, who are biased, or just really don’t like that teacher. That’s why I think it shouldn’t be the whole class, but a select few who prove that they are responsible and can give honest unbiased opinions about the teachers. Scores would reflect on their teaching, how they act towards the students and student scores would count towards the teacher’s overall score. Ultimately, if enough students’ feedback is negative, it could result in meetings with that teacher and maybe the teacher having to end up being observed. You can start off by having a Google classroom where evaluations are anonymous and you just put in your overall feedback for those teachers. Depending on results, administrators could decide what the next course of action would be. This is necessary because it will hopefully solve the attitude problems and some teaching methods between teachers and students