Model Congress


Destiny Caffrey, Academic Editor

If you have strong political opinions and enjoy debating those topics, then you should check out the Model Congress club. Model Congress is an interactive and social gathering club where students from around the school emulate a congress setting. This club goes to a large assembly where there is a congressional session, and students debate to try to get bills passed that support the students’ respective parties. 

The gathering begins with each party, the Democrats, Republicains, and Independents getting together with the goal to decide whether or not the bill gets passed, or vetoed. Students are then separated into committees based off of the topic to which the bill pertains. The committees are armed services, foreign relations, veterans affairs, environment/public works, energy/natural resources, agriculture/nutrition/forestry, finance, budget, and judiciary.

During the session there is a certain diction which is called “precedence of motions”. Listing off, there are motions to change the order, lay on the table, take off the table, previous question, amend, reconsider, recess, and to divide the chamber. The points are points of privilege, order, information, inquiry, and query. 

After the committee sessions, the representative of each group give out awards. There are awards for outstanding delegate, legislation passed, party chairs, party whips, committee chairs, and overall chairs. Each award is represented by one single individual presented by the overall whip member. 

There is a dress conduct that all students must follow which includes dressing professionally in a manner which is appropriate to represent congressmen and congresswomen. Congressmen must wear suits, and or sports jacket with pants and a tie. Congresswomen must wear a pantsuit, dress pants and top, skirt and top, or a dress, which is appropriate for school. School conduct is similar to this event so no use of inappropriate language or illegal substances.

Regardless of all the rules students have to obey model congress is one of the best clubs to join. The best part for most people is the debates. Seeing other people so passionate about their political agenda, gets the spectators, and other students participating in the debates fired up, resulting in some of the most enjoyable, and stress relieving civil arguments one could have. Regardless of political disputes the people you meet are all great, and many become friends that last even after the sessions. Model congress is worth joining for the heated debates, friendly people, and a worthwhile learning experience.