Creator of “Simpsons” time traveler?


Patrick Babbitt, Sports Editor

When someone predicts something happening it is a crazy coincidence. Yet when it happens a second time, and then a third time, and then repeatedly over and over again, one starts to question what is happening, and if there’s any possibility that time travel could exist. That is the situation with “The Simpsons.” “The Simpsons” is an animated TV show on FOX which has been running for the past thirty years. A TV-PG show, “The Simpsons” goes through the life of Homer Simpson and his family who live in an imaginary town called Springfield.
Aside from the craziness of Homer’s life, since 1989, “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening has interwoven events which many have occured in modern life including sports, politics, technology, weather, news, celebrities, and many more real life scenarios. From these real life events, Groening has been able to create scenes mocking American society. In the present day, many have realized that some of these fictionalized scenarios have come true, which proves the hypothesis of Groening time traveling.
I know it seems crazy, but there’s so much evidence that proves Groening is a time traveler, it’s not even funny. In an episode in 1995 called “Lisa’s Wedding,” Lisa Simpson, daughter of Homer, is getting married fifteen years in the future. In one scene, Lisa is talking to her mother Marge on her phone on what seems to be a video call, although video call did not exist. Fifteen years later, Apple releases FaceTime which allows you to talk and see another person on a phone. The Simpons predicted that spot on in the same year!
In “The Simpsons Movie” in 2007, The Simpons family must go hiding from an EPA biodome closing Springfield. On a bus, they are talking about bringing this issue to Seattle and are speaking fairly loudly. Lisa tells them to stop talking about this issue and then Marge says how it’s impossible for the government to track each conversation. The shot then frames to the bus driver who acts as a radio for the government. The scene is shifted to the National Security Agency showing that the government tracks conversations. At the time, it was insane to ever believe that the government could do such a thing, yet in 2013 someone uncovered that the government had the ability to track internet records, and conversations, proving that the government can track your conversations. Along to internet records, the internet also uses Google Home, Siri, Alexa, and all other sorts of internet sources which can track what someone is saying.
In 2012 an episode called “Lisa Goes Gaga,” Lady Gaga comes to Springfield to perform a song while being suspended in the air. In 2017, Lady Gaga performed during Super Bowl LI halftime show. During this time, she was also suspended in the air and was wearing a very similar skirt and boots that were depicted in the show. Although they were different colors, the idea of the clothing was very similar, and overall, the idea is stunning how someone could have predicted this. Although there’s a slight chance she may have copied this idea from the show, let’s be honest, I don’t see Lady Gaga watching the Simpsons.
Shockingly, there are still more ways they predicted events. In 1998 in an episode called “When you Dish Upon a Star,” film director Ron Howard pitches Homer’s film idea to producer Brian Glazer of 20th Century Fox. On a sign you can see the 20th Century FOX logo and under the logo you can see words which read “A Division of Walt Disney CO,” which shows Disney bought FOX in the episode. Wackily enough, in 2017, Walt Disney purchased 20th Century FOX for $66.1 Billion.
In 1993 in an episode called “$pringfield,” Springfield decided to legalize gambling and allowed Mr. Burns, evil owner of the Springfield Nuclear Powerplant, to open a casino. This allowed German performers Gunter and Ernst perform their routine with their white Bengal tiger. These characters were based off of real life performers Seigried and Roy, who also performed with their white Bengal tiger. In the episode it shows Gunter and Ernst were performing on stage and the Bengal tiger attacked them. Ten years later, this attack sadly came true when performer Roy Horn was attacked during a performance.
The craziest one they predicted was the Presidency of Donald Trump. In the episode called “Bart to the Future,” Bart flashes forward in the future to his adulthood. During this flash Lisa is the President of The United States. Along with her becoming President, she mentions how Donald Trump became President before her. In this episode, Lisa mentions how Trump caused the country to fall drastically into debt. Sixteen years later, Trump would defeat Hiliary Clinton and would become the 45th President of The United States. Although the country hasn’t fallen drastically into debt yet, the fact that a TV show was able to predict a Presidency is crazy.
There are even more predictions “The Simpsons” got correct, such as the Area 51 raid, USA’s curling victory over Sweden, the Ebola outbreak, the faulty voter machines, and even more examples which, if you found examples one-by-one, you could write a book. Most people believe that since this show has been running for thirty years they would get most predictions correct. If that’s the case then why haven’t other long lasting tv shows, such as Family Guy, Spongebob, Tom and Jerry, and other popular shows haven’t been able to predict the future like “The Simpsons” has? If time travel existed, then the government would want to keep it top secret and let no one know. Matt Groening is clearly hinting through these “predictions” that time travel is real and he has the ability to predict all these events because he’s a time traveler. End of story