West Milford staff member has a giving heart

Destiny Caffrey & Noah Pagella , Academic Editors and Op-Ed

Poverty isn’t something you can see on a person; it’s hidden within their home and their personal lives. To many, West Milford is seen as a town filled with middle class families, along with a few wealthy families scattered throughout. Although this may be a majority of the town, it’s hard not to wonder about the opposite end of the spectrum.
This issue is not just seen in West Milford, but across the country as many children go home from school with barely anything to wear, or to take care of their hygiene. However, due to the generous heart of one West Milford High School staff member, the tides may have changed for these underprivileged kids.
Debora Gabriele, a secretary in the guidance office, proposed the idea to Mr. Strianse, who gave the go-ahead, and The Giving Closet was born.
The Giving Closet, located within the school’s guidance office, is similar to those which have been popping up in schools across the country. It is designed to benefit the less fortunate members of the student body.
The closet is a room filled with new and lightly used clothing, shoes, coats, shampoo, soap, deodorant, other hygiene products, and school supplies. The Giving Closet provides a private and confidential location for students to receive items they may need.
The Giving Closet runs completely off of the good will of members of the West Milford community. All supplies within the closet are provided through donations, whether they are physical goods or monetary donations–all are welcome.
The generosity of these donations gives children hope to keep striving forward, and alleviates worries about having to buy basic everyday necessities or going without them.
The donations to the closet, as well as students who need anything are always welcome, and Mrs. Gabriele says, “Come do some free shopping!