Kayla Sierra


This year we had a foreign exchange student join us here at WMHS. His name is Cesare and he lives in the city of Naples, Italy. During his time here, he joined our Italian 4H class and was able to help us develop our skills with the language. Cesare was able to give us a lot of cultural information about what life was like as a teenager in Italy. He shared many experiences with us as well explaining and comparing the school systems. The school system is very different; Italians have five years of high school and the structure is similar to our community colleges. After school, the Italians teens will typically travel to other countries to enrich their cultural exposure. They also cherish time with their family and friends. Italian teens also don’t spend their free time the same as we do and they stay out much later than we do. All of this information was possible from the help of our new friend. Cesare was also very helpful in our speaking exercises. We would do numerous ones and he would help correct our grammar and form more complex sentences. Cesare was a very big help to the class and we enjoyed spending time with him.