“Fall” in love with Warwick Farmer’s Market

Fall in love with Warwick Farmers Market

Kaylee Hovan , Out and About Editor

Fall has officially begun which means leaves, pumpkins and the continuation of The Warwick Valley Farmers Market. The Warwick Valley Farmers Market is held every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., but sadly will close for the season the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so visit quickly before it ends.
At the Warwick Farmers Market there are plenty of other options. There are vegetables, as one would expect, but there are other items as well. Such as meats, fruits, fish, honey, jams, breads, pies, and anything else you can imagine.
Make sure to pick yourself up some homemade baked goods from Jean-Claude’s Artisan Baked Goods, their options include quiches, croissants, danish, and sticky buns. Some other baked goods you can pick up is Scott’s Country Kitchen are fruit pies, which flavors include apple, peach, blueberry, and more. Any of the foods or baked goods you buy are very tasty. So you will certainly be delighted in the end and really can’t go wrong.
A must see near the Warwick Farmers Market is Apple Ridge Orchards.
You should definitely go to Apple Ridge Orchard, before the season wraps for the year. At Apple Ridge Orchards you get to experience apple and pumpkin picking while enjoying the view of New York State. Apple Ridge Orchards is open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday including holidays from 9 a.m. -5 p.m..
While at Apple Ridge Orchards, hop on a tractor and enjoy the scenic hayride and corn field with your family and friends.
After enjoying the scenic hayrides and corn field walks, stop by the farm stand to enjoy some warm apple cider or BBQ at Brian’s Backyard BBQ. Brian’s BBQ offers burgers, smoked beef and chicken, and hot dogs.
You should definitely visit both The Warwick Farmers Market and Apple Ridge Orchards, you’ll enjoy plenty of time in New York State while you’re having fun with your family and friends. This will lead to lasting memories you will cherish for a lifetime