Climate Change

April Roccisano, Co-Editor-In-Chief

No, climate change is not a current threat to our modern day society. After much research I have discovered that there are many points of factual evidence to back up climate change. However, most of this evidence is relative for the future generations, not our own. So to be clear, I do believe that climate change is happening, but it will not have a direct effect on our generation. People who argue in favor of the idea of climate change believe it is an immediate crisis, and that we are all going to die soon if nothing is done. The truth about climate change is that the problems occurring because of climate change won’t be happening until thousands of years from now. As the melting of the ice caps continues, the change is extremely minor and will not be truly noticeable for another hundred years. If the world’s population continues “destruction” at the pace of change it’s going, the “impending end” will not be for millions of years from now.
To focus on the minor details, the polar ice caps are not in danger as much as they are being portrayed. There is an expected ice age in approximately fifteen years, which contradicts current ideas that there is less ice on Earth. If ice is melting there would not be enough for another ice age. Many climate change advocates claim that it is causing animals becoming extinct and endangered. This, however, is not the case because animals have gone extinct since the beginning of time. There is no immediate danger in this society due to climate change.
Another used argument is that the Amazon fire started due to climate change. The fire actually started due to a common occurrence, a wildfire, and has not been stopped. The spread of this fire is not due to climate change, it is due to human neglect. We as a people are doing the bare minimum to stop these fires, and it is our fault the earth is burning, not climate changes. Climate change is causing minimal physical problems. And in reality, the idea of it is causing headache; the subject of climate change needs to be muted.