A night at Fright Fest: Spooky or silly?


D. Caffrey, L. Rivera, & N. Pagella, Editor

One of the last big memories for the senior class will be of the fast rides and terrifying monsters. The Senior Trip for the Class of 2020 was to Six Flags, exactly like last year, however unlike last year, the class got to stay until dark to experience Fright Fest.
Many students enjoyed rides like Superman, Batman, Bizzaro, El Toro, and KingDa Ka–the craziest in my opinion. Other students who don’t enjoy the anxiety-filling, adrenaline-racing coasters were able to enjoy smaller, yet still enjoyable rides, like Twister, Swings, or the Justice League ride. No matter what rides they went on, all had a good time.
With the help of the student council and WMHS staff, seniors of the Class of 2020 were offered a free breakfast and lunch and transportation. To accompany the rides and the endless food, Six Flags offered this year’s seniors a chance to experience Fright Fest, the real reason most seniors bought their tickets. Fright Fest includes a ‘monster dance party’ and up-close and personal spooky scares with the costumed Six Flags staff.
Many people spent the night looking for the monsters. They were supposed to be around to scare people by 6 p.m. However, when 6:30 rolled around, people questioned if they were coming out at all. As we came across other West Milford students, they also mentioned that they couldn’t find any of the monsters. Just when we were about to give up and deem this trip a bust, we asked one more staff member at a concession stand and the worker told us, “Of course! They are having a dance party in the arena as we speak!” There, we saw the staff dressed up in the silliest, yet spookiest, costumes, dancing to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.
When the show was over, all the monsters were lurking about. One monster, dressed in a black robe and white face paint, scared Destiny Caffrey by jumping out from behind her. Another scared Skylar Knight by screaming in her face. Never knowing when a monster encounter would occur only added to the overall mood.
Patrick Babbitt said, “It was an enjoyable experience for me and I loved how we stayed later for Fright Fest!” He spent his time riding rides and hanging out with his friends.
Skylar Knight agreed with Babbitt and she also thought it was fun. The best part for her was Fright Fest at night because she has a fascination for scary things, especially during the Halloween season. Knight said, “It’s an experience unlike any normal haunted houses, because you can enjoy the regular thrills of Six Flags theme park, but also have the most boring parts, like walking from ride to ride or waiting on line, heightened by the joy of jump-scares or a chill going down your spine.”
On the Six Flags trip, frights and rides were both provided, and it was an overall great experience to most of the Class of 2020.
It will be a frightfully fun night they will carry with them as finish this crazy ride through high school.