Balancing mental and physical wellness

Delaney Brown, Academic

Wellness is being in good health mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. According to the Student Health and Counseling Services of University of California Davis, wellness is needed to help elevate someone’s state of life and to make the ongoing cycle easier. It is very important to maintain a good wellness level.
As everyone enters the new year the stress of school, a social life, and sports are bombarding students, teachers, and parents. Many high school students have to cope with this stress. Some choose ways that can help them overcome these huge amounts of stress. West Milford High School offers many ways to help their students relax.
It helps to take baby steps toward your goals, to get you to continue and reach it while also keeping a schedule and routine. It also helps to reduce stress by creating a stress-free work space that you just use for work. According to meditation is an amazing stress relieving therapeutic practice that can help ease chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Students can also try to schedule their time better and plan time for homework long term projects.
There was be a goat yoga session February 28th. There was lots of positive feedback. Many people loved the mix of mindful yoga and the adorableness of the goats. Things like goat yoga and self care are very important to help cope with any pressure. Eating all three meals a day and making sure you are getting all the nutrients you need will make you feel better physically and operate mentally. It’s also very important to get at least eight hours so you have enough energy and patience to get through the day.
Also getting involved in sports and active clubs can help reduce lots of stress. West Milford high school offers a weight lifting club, and mini golf club. There are plenty of sports that will help keep you active or simply go for walks or hikes. Staying active can help you relax and will take time off of the things that are causing stress.
It helps to change up your perspective on things; someone who only thinks about the negative sides of a project instead of just pushing through it will find the project challenging because they spent time focusing on the negatives. In the upcoming finals and test season it is very important not to get overwhelmed. Make sure to take everything step by step and to stay balanced. Don’t spend all day with your head in the books but, try to make a specific time during the day to study. Spend the rest of your time relaxing because during this high stress time you need to take significant breaks.