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Olivia Dell'Olio, Opinion Editor

In an interview recorded any time from yesterday to decades ago, an unidentified source revealed that an undisclosed person or group of people in the school may or may not be part of an unknown organization.  It is currently not public if this person or persons are students, teachers, staff, or a combination of them all. It is also not public knowledge as to any potential ramifications of this possibility of membership in whatever organization the unknown West Milford residents may or may not be a part of.

Likewise, although all sources contributing to the revelation of this feasible belonging of a person or persons to a community are given by anonymous people or sects of people to the Highlander Echo, we as a publication are just as positive as we are unsure about presenting the information or lack thereof to the general public or those who consume news presented here and may or may not be part of the general public.  

Literally dozens or hundreds or just a singular member of the West Milford student body, teachers, and staff could be a part of this either secret or very well known organization.  As to the exact details of this story about unknown people in unknown numbers being a part of or recently joining an unknown organization for unknown reasons in varying degrees of relevance to everyone that isn’t involved, assuming there are any people not involved, administration seems to report their utmost confidence in regards to knowing all of the extraneous particulars of the situation.

Ultimately, it may or may not be either apparent to everyone or to a few what could possibly result in the future or what has resulted in the distant or recent past due to the sheer amount (be it large or small) of students or faculty or teachers involved in the possible organization induction or longstanding but only recently revealed membership.

Medium, short, and long term consequences may or may not, as possibly reiterated before, be serious or lighthearted.  In fact, sources have been able to narrow down possible outcomes to a few situations, in which the unknown organization causes either a large or minimal impact to those involved or those not involved, despite the numbers of people or persons joined being currently disputed.

Identifiably obvious clues have been left intentionally or unintentionally by the members of this organization (or possibly non-members, or members of a competing or friendly organization to make others think that they were left by the original organization or to be obvious about who left the clues).  One or multiple such possible clues have resulted in the ostensible writing of this article, in which either a single or various unknown sources have contributed heartily or not at all.

Nevertheless, the work of this secret or very well known organization could be both widespread or isolated.  Despite the lack of proliferation of the moniker this organization goes by, either many or few of other West Milford residents seem to possibly be aware of the organization and their potential or past actions.

At the urging of well-known or clandestine operatives in the school or the community, the entire organization should not be painted in a negative nor positive light.  Whoever belongs to this group, whatever they contribute, how long they’ve been a member, or any other few uncertainties should be regarded lightly by readers, unless they wish to regard this breaking news in a serious and heavy manner.

To educate themselves beyond what this article has covered, a reader may choose or not choose to research farther into the subject.  Local West Milford news may or may not have covered, either in depth or not very closely, the various or single West Milford student, teacher, or staff who may or may not have joined a possibly secret organization going by an unknown name to the large public or just a few.  The sources for this article both condone and condemn researching into the potential topic further, as it could procure positive, negative, or even neutral results.

In conclusion, to be aware of this possible situation could reap varying results.  The best for the school to do is to stay educated on the current particulars of the situation.