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Warriors choosing heart vs. legend

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The heart of the Golden State Warriors dynasty has been the homegrown big three: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. But the largest part of their recent back to back title reign has been the addition of Kevin Durant. Through all the hate fans and the league have given to Durant for leaving Oklahoma City, they have found nothing but success.

Last year’s championship run however, was nothing like the first. 2017-2018 seemed like business more than emotional victory. The path seemed easy and lacked any resemblance of the fun and love able Warriors that the big three had through prior playoff runs.
This creation of a massive super team has pushed the league to putting together massive talent, spreading the floor, pushing the pace, and taking away egos for the betterment of the team with one goal: titles. Not one title, but multiple, three-peats… dynasties.
Quickly this team, which seemed like one that would stick together and dominate until Father Time brought the end to their careers, has become one volatile enough to explode.

Within the final minute of regulation with the scored tied against the Los Angeles Clippers on November 12th, Kevin Durant pulled up from deep behind the three point line off of a screen and hit the back of the rim. Draymond Green didn’t seem thrilled with the shot selection heading back up the court on defense.
Lou Williams would miss a step-back three pointer the following trip for the Clippers, as Green came down with the rebound and headed up court with Durant pleading for the ball. Clapping and screaming, Durant was left watching Green fumble the ball away without attempting a shot as time expired.
The argument would start walking off the court to the Warriors bench and continue throughout the intermission between the fourth quarter and overtime. Durant seemed to be done and trying to pump the team up for overtime, with positive “let’s go.” Green wasn’t done however, as according to Chris Hayne’s of Bleacher Report Green said to Durant, “We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave.” Green also reportedly used derogatory names.
Green’s frustration with Durant is not anything new, with issues of Durant’s lack of long term commitment to the Warriors, in signing one-year contracts with player options. Durant looking to always have a way out whenever he wants while other players are committing fully affect team morale negatively.

With all this dysfunction lately, reality is that though the warriors have Curry locked up for three more years after this one, Durant and Thompson’s contracts are both over at the end of this 2018-19 season. While Green’s contract ends just one season later.
Both Durant and Thompson are going to draw major contract offers from all across the league, and opportunities from these players to be the clear top player for another organization could be another reason upon this dysfunctional roster to leave Golden State.
Curry’s contract will already hit the Warriors cap with over $40 million annual over the next three seasons. Keeping all these players financially, let alone the compromised chemistry the team faces, seems impossible. So they’re left with choosing which path to follow. Sign back both Durant and Thompson and trade the last season of Green’s contract of $18 million away, just sign Thompson and keep the original big three together, or sign Durant and still look to trade away Green.
All of these scenarios seem to have one thing in common: at least one player has to go, right? Not necessarily.

Through these downs, this team is still 17-9 this season, good enough for fourth place in the tightly contested Western Conference, and winning can fix anything. If the Warriors find themselves atop the NBA for a third straight year, it’s just more incentive for these four players to find their way back to the bay.

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Warriors choosing heart vs. legend