Saying “bye-bye” to buffalo chicken

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Bleu the buffalo chicken, circa 2007

Carlos Webb, News Editor


Bleu the buffalo chicken, circa 2007

The world is in mourning this week as Bleu, the last known buffalo chicken, passed away in captivity. Bleu was known to enjoy grazing the pasture and spending time with his animal friends, Manchego and Jackalope and Brie the Unicorn, on his ranch in El Paso, Texas.

Before passing away, Bleu was considered a recipient for the Fabulous and Outstanding Working Leaders, or FOWL award. Competition had been brutal, but many had seen Bleu as the obvious choice to win. Bleu had been a fan of team-building activities, and was celebrated in his town for organizing a number of community outreach programs. Though the tournament was originally not scheduled to conclude until the end of next month, the participants and judges unanimously decided to posthumously afford to Bleu the award.

Bobert E. Lee, Bleu’s owner, reflected fondly on other memories the two had made together over the years. “I remember the day he hatched” spoke Lee, removing his wildly oversized Stetson hat to rub his head. “He was so tiny, so energetic, so full of life. Nothing’s gonna be the same now that Bleu done passed [sic] on to the big chicken coop in the sky.” Our very uncomfortable reporter noted that Lee had apparently began to cry uncontrollably at this point, and between sobs, also attempted to imitate the buffalo chicken’s world-famous squawk: “Cock a-doodle moo;” Cock a-doodle moo indeed.

According to an on-site veterinarian, Bleu passed away as a combined result of natural causes and a horrible coyote attack. As per Lee’s wishes, Bleu was cooked, fried, and served to his adoptive family as a delicious buffalo chicken meal. We here at the The Buck Stops Here can only offer the Lee family, and buffalo chicken lovers the world over, our deepest condolences. We are certain that Bleu is pecking peacefully in the poultry pen in paradise above.