Nostalgic attractions delights visitors


April Roccisano, A & E Editor

Holiday magic is in the air and the ice caverns at Jody’s Silk Florist is the perfect spot to embrace the spirit of Christmas. As you begin your journey into the animated caverns, established in 1972, be on the lookout for hidden elves in the different scenes. The twenty- minute walk through has many different scenes ranging from Santa at the North Pole to elves baking in their homes. The caverns change every year, keeping with the theme of Christmas, but adding current favorite children’s characters. Schools can also arrange field trips to the caverns.
People of all ages visit Santa in his North Pole. The lines can get lengthy, so it’s best if you go early in the day if you plan to meet the man in the red suit. Santa is only visiting on December 17 and 21 with hours ranging from 12-8; check online for daily times. Picture packages with Santa start at $25.
The price is $3.99 per person for admission into the caverns which is a great price for a long activity.
Jody’s is also a great place to buy Christmas presents for loved ones. The store sells flowers, decorations, furniture, and cute outfits for children. The prices for their products are average and the location is convenient, right off Route 46 in Fairfield. The store has over 10,000 square feet of Christmas displays fascinate people of all ages. Jody’s is also a great place to start new family Christmas traditions. The caverns make great backdrops to pictures to share on Instagram, Snapchat, and any other social media platforms you use.
My mom, sister, and I visit Jody’s once a Christmas season to walk through the caverns. We also enjoy counting how many elves are hidden; the highest amount was in 2015 with twenty-seven elves.
Jody’s is also opened outside of the holiday season, selling flowers and other home decor. The caverns however are closed then, so to experience the magic, visit in December.