Milko makes a good impression


April Roccisano, A & E Editor

While high school senior Zack Milko is sitting on his couch with his three dogs, eating Lucky Charms, and watching “Benchwarmers”, he is really just relaxing from the pressures of being a three-sport athlete and AP student. Sports have made Milko’s high school career more entertaining, allowed him opportunities to make friends, and given him broader horizons with colleges. His most impactful teacher and football coach, Mr. Maslanek, has motivated and pushed him to be a better player and person. Milko works well under the pressure of challenging academics, being a leader, and participating in multiple extra curriculars, remaining composed and clearheaded during high-stake games and athletic events. He relieves his stress by weight lifting, his favorite pastime.
Playing three sports has been an important and formative experience for Milko. He thoroughly enjoys playing football, basketball, and baseball, but football especially brings out his two most prominent qualities: ambition and competitiveness. Milko’s favorite high school memory was beating Lakeland in his senior year of football, and his greatest accomplishment to date is having the first non-losing season in ten years.
Besides playing sports, Milko is an accomplished student who prefers math over all other subjects. One of his strengths is time management, which helps to get his assignments done, even when he is feeling stressed. One of the biggest challenges he has faced is balancing his homework with sports and extracurriculars.
Milko does not define success, because he believes it to be different for everyone, and any accomplished goal, big or small, is a success. To improve our high school, Milko would want more consideration for student athletes who take honors and AP classes, especially during away games. His advice for current and future students is to value academics before

anything; as “it will take you places further than sports, clubs, and other activities ever could.” School has shaped him into who he is.

Milko has a solid grasp on his vision for the future. He aspires to be a financier on Wall Street, and his goal is to have an internship there after college. Being a financier allows for a larger variety of occupations and many future opportunities.

After graduation, Milko looks forward to experiencing a different part of the country and living in a new area during his college years. His signing day is February 8th, where he will decide which college he will be attending. In five years, Milko hopes to be in graduate school and

working at an internship. Milko faces a bright future ahead of him as he begins his journey into adulthood.