Classic holiday treats everyone can enjoy

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The start of the holiday is often recognized by the beginning of the stores selling candy canes–usually when the Halloween decorations are still out. 
Candy canes have been around for over 350 years. They were originally just candy sticks, and there are many different legends to how candy canes got their iconic curve. Some like say that the curve was meant to help the candy look like a “J” for Jesus. Other sources like say that the curve originated to look like a shepherd’s crook. No one is quite sure which theory is true, but both offer an interesting view on the origin of candy canes.
Today, candy canes have taken off into flavors other than the original peppermint. Many companies have produced has flavors like blueberry, watermelon, and smoothie. The original flavor of peppermint came to be because peppermint is similar to the hyssop that is used to purify in the bible.
Peppermint has been become a very popular holiday flavor for different things like hot chocolate, coffee, donuts, cake and many baked goods. The candy cane has started a peppermint trend throughout the holidays.
Another favorite christmas treat is gingerbread: from cookies to houses, gingerbread flavor has become a staple in many holiday celebrations. Gingerbread is sweet and spicy, and often made with molasses, brown sugar, ginger, and nutmeg.
This iconic flavor was created by the early American settlers who all came from different backgrounds and all contributed their spices. This is why America has the most gingerbread recipes among other regions.
The cookies are flat and dense,which makes them suitable for building architectural structures like homes. We build these houses because of the presence of the Grimm Brothers’ tales like “Hansel and Gretel”. Gingerbread houses began being made during the crusades, and became delicacies during fourteenth century.
Today, gingerbread houses are a famous household tradition, many use icing to hold their homes together and decorate simply with candy, while others enter fierce competitions. Competitions like the famous Grove park Gingerbread competitions have very strict guidelines and very dedicated competitors. Many start their gingerbread structures early in November and use advanced techniques to create stunning art.
Last but not least, hot chocolate has been a holiday favorite for decades. This warm chocolatey drink has become a staple at all winter holiday celebrations. The recipe originated as ground cocoa beans, water, wine, and chile peppers. The chocolate drink was for wealthy aristocrats and monarchs, then it later became a medicine as it was said to break the Christian fasts.
Hot chocolate has become such a holiday treat that there are many new flavors such as frozen hot chocolate, cookies and cream, mint and vanilla.
These classic flavors and treats mark the beginning of the holiday season.