Why don’t people follow through?

Jared Miller, Sport's Editor

Throughout life people face challenges on a daily basis that they need to overcome. However, in some cases, people just give up and quit what they are doing. It can happen in sports, jobs, and maybe even just simple tasks. Sometimes people think something is too hard, other times they don’t like their situation. It could be they do not feel like working hard, putting in the effort, or that they don’t like to lose or admit defeat. Either way, people give up instead of looking to improve.
Although people find many reasons to quit, there are plenty of reasons not to quit as well. For example, in 2017, during Super Bowl LI, the New England Patriots came back from a 25-point deficit. If they had gone into halftime with their heads down feeling defeated, they wouldn’t have been able to come back and win the biggest game of the season. If they had given up and had mentally quit the game, they would not be champions. Why quit when it can lead to bettering oneself? At work you could possibly be promoted; in sports you may win a game.
Another example of a place where you should not give up should be school. Struggle is a part of life and in school people might have problems with grades. In some cases, someone could be stuck with a C in class and just give up because he can’t reach the A or B grade that he wants. But why do that? He may not be where he wants to be in life at that time, but why would someone give up all his hard work because he doesn’t like the outcome or because he doesn’t want to put in the effort? Why throw all of your progress away and finish the class with an F? It all depends on your attitude; if one wants to succeed he will be able to do so with hard work. Success will follow.
Everyday people quit things, and at times they do it without realizing the consequences that could follow. For example, a person could go without a job for a few months and with that he may end up struggling for a while. In other cases, he could live the regret of not having the sport or activity that he loved. People let down those who relied on them, and the consequences that occur from quitting things changes not only your life, but also affects the lives of others around them. It leaves people out to dry and they need to respond to a bad situation. So many things can go wrong from one person quitting, and it is a domino effect on others. A team or a class are relying on you.
We see why people quit and everything that can go wrong when someone quits something, so why do they still do it? Will people continue to quit? The answer is probably yes. For some, it is the lifestyle they live, and for others, nothing will change the way that they live and how they function. Until that changes people will continue to give up and quit.
Do you have what it takes?