Try the new java joint

Sean Fagan, Opinion Editor

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Str8 Java Instagram
A selection of Str8 Java’s in-house roasts.

Imagine this, it is late on a Monday afternoon in West Milford, you are exhausted from school and you want to wake up so you can do your homework. A caffeine boost is just what you need. You would go to Dunkin Donuts, but they don’t have many options, and you are in the mood for something “different” That’s why you should go to Str8 Java. Str8 Java is a small coffee shop located inside of Str8 Vapor, which is located at 1616 Union Valley Road. The store is on the second floor of the complex and isn’t very noticeable without knowing what to look for beforehand. The outside does not impress very much, with the only decorations being some lights, a flag, and a chalkboard sign.

However, the interior is quite different and unexpected. The inside is well-organized and decorated nicely with well-lit glass cases lining the room displaying their tasty products. One immediately notices the shop is split into two sections, which have been merged into a singular shop. Toward the back is
Str8 Vapor where the e-cigarettes and vapes are being sold. Immediately after entering the building, however, customers will notice the left side and entrance side wall have been designated for Str8 Java, the new coffee shop where they serve a wide selection of coffees, smoothies, lattes, iced coffees, Italian sodas, teas, and a variety of flavored cappuccinos. Str8 Java’s cups of coffee are offered at very reasonable prices, starting with a 12-ounce for $2 and a 16-ounce for $3. Since this is the only real “coffee shop” in our town that is not a chain like Dunkin Donuts, we recommend to give it a try and support a local business venture.

One of the features that makes the atmosphere seem more like a true coffee shop is the seating. Near the
pastries are a few stools and also a few couches in the middle of the room to sit and enjoy your fresh cup of brew, which is roasted in house. They also offer other drink options in many flavors. The store serves cookies and pastries for $2-4 dollars each to compliment your cup. Some offerings are biscotti, cinnamon rolls, croissants, crumbcake, elephant ears, and more. The shop is open from 10am to 9pm which is highly convenient when you need a late night boost.

I personally decided to try a latte. I went in with the notion that I generally do not like coffee; I have tried coffee on multiple occasions and have never really enjoyed it. This time was different, and I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered a small peanut butter cup latte and found myself loving it. It was the first coffee that I ever really enjoyed. It was creamy and smooth, the flavor was rich. It had a taste that was very coffee heavy, but had subtle notes of peanut butter and dark chocolate. It was an amazing drink that I strongly recommend.

Another “Echo” staff member tried an Almond Joy coffee and wasn’t very impressed saying, “It’s coffee at a vape shop, pretty much what you’d expect. It’s an average run of the mill coffee.” You should decide for yourself.

If you want a tasty cup of java, whether you need an early morning kick start, a late night energy boost or you just want a tasty drink, you can get your fix at Str8 Java.