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Street talk with Emerson

Emerson Figueroa, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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“Aye, moe, what’s good with you?”
“Stop playing with me, moe, you know I don’t talk to her.”

“Quit wellin’, bruh. You know I whooped you in 2k.”

A person who can’t dress
“Son, look at this bamma thinkin’ he fresh ‘cause he got on all supreme”

Ain’t gonna hold ya
Not gonna lie to you
“I ain’t gonna hold ya, bruh, shawty is baddd.”

Real live
Like for real; really; seriously
“Yo, real live I’m tryna’ go to this party.”

Boo joint
Your bae/Your crush
“Ayeee, ok, Devon, I see you; is that your boo joint?”

Angry; frustrated; upset; disappointed
“Bro, I’m so blown. I asked her to prom and she said she was going with someone else.”

I Stamp
I swear
“I stamp if we have to do a superset at the end of practice, I’m gonna cry.”

I bet
A sarcastic “Yeah, ok!”
Ange: “Emerson, get me a calculator”
Me: “I bet.”

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Street talk with Emerson