You’ve been accepted!

A nervous yet excited Thomas trainor interviews with a college representative. Photo Courtesy:  Mrs.Petrosillo

A nervous yet excited Thomas trainor interviews with a college representative. Photo Courtesy: Mrs.Petrosillo

Taylor Quinn, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Many expectant seniors nervously walked the halls on December 7. At this year’s 22nd annual On-Site Decision day, they were hoping to hear the words, “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted!” This event was organized by Ms. Dana Lambert of the Guidance and Counseling Department.

On-Site Decision Day is a day on which a multitude of college representatives visit West Milford High School to offer potential acceptances to their college or university. Many of these acceptances come with the potential offer of a scholarship.

This year, 21 college and university representatives attended. A handful of the schools represented were Drew University, Seton Hall University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Ramapo College, and Montclair State University, an impressive group of local schools. With over two decades of success running this event, WMHS attracts a variety of higher education institutions that look forward to this day as much as the students.

There was an impressive student turnout for this year’s event, with 84 students participating, and most meeting with multiple schools. This group of senior students was rewarded with a total of 146 acceptances, with 36 waitlisted while the college/university asked for more details or more updated information such as SAT or ACT scores, mid-year grades, etc.

Thomas Trainor, who applied to NJIT and Rowan, was accepted on the spot to NJIT. “The process is good,” Trainor said. “They were able to talk to me on a personal level about what I would experience on the college campus.”

A significant part of On-Site Decision Day was the large number of scholarships awarded to students. An impressive 30 scholarships were finalized, with even more pending.
On-Site Decision Day is truly one of the many advantages of attending West Milford High School, as other schools do not offer this type of event. Hopefully the seniors who have been accepted to the school of their choice can rest easy knowing they have completed this step in their journey toward graduation.