Review: Audiences go loco for “Coco”


Coco movie poster.

Dominique Basil, Editor-in-Chief

Disney’s new movie “Coco” tugs at everyone’s heartstrings and takes audiences over the bridge to the Land of the Dead. “Coco” is a beautiful, heartwarming story that follows the tale of a young boy, Miguel Rivera, who dreams of becoming a musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Miguel’s entire world changes once he is accidentally sent to the Land of the Dead and confronts his music-hating ancestors. While the Rivera ancestors despise music, Miguel is determined to return home and continue his path to becoming a musician. The animated film is undoubtedly one of the best this year. “Coco” has both a moving plot and lovable characters, as well as stunning visuals that keep the audience’s eyes locked on the screen.

The film paid outstanding attention to the details of Mexican culture. The film crew took multiple trips to Mexico and spent years researching and learning from those who celebrate Día de los Muertos in order to avoid typical Mexican stereotypes. While in Mexico, the creative team also toured museums, plazas, cemeteries, and visited families in Mexico to get the most informative background possible. The team members happily listened to the stories of Latino families to have a better understanding of, and to help support, the correct depiction of Latino culture.

“Coco” was previewed in Mexican theaters and was praised for its accuracy and respect of Mexican culture. The movie now stands as the highest grossing animated film in Mexico’s history, bringing in
approximately 70.9 million dollars in the box office and its fame continues to grow each day.

It is difficult to dislike such a beautiful film filled with vibrant colors, inspiring music, great voice acting, and the strong theme of family bonds. As Miguel and his new undead friend, Hector, and his hairless dog, Dante, travel through the Land of the Dead to get Miguel home, Miguel and his ancestors grow to realize their mistakes and decide to make personal sacrifices just for the good of the Rivera family. Not only do his ancestors admit their mistakes, but so do his living family members. Despite their troubles, the young boy and his family are able to work together to put their differences aside for each other.
Don’t miss out on this fantastic film all can enjoy. “Coco” easily reminds anyone of what it truly means to be family.