Earn fast cash in a winter flash

Sara Kandis, News Editor

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Every teenager has one thing in common — a love for money. This need for cash occurs especially around the holidays. Whether it is shoveling driveways or babysitting, there are many ways to get fast cash for the holidays.

For starters, if you are more into staying inside and being all toasty, that is completely understandable! Some indoor ideas to earn money could be babysitting in your neighborhood, picture taking for holiday cards, having an open house for selling clothes/items, house cleaning, fire place cleaning, tutoring, or pet/house sitting for those away during the holidays. The average price for a babysitter ranges from $11-13 an hour or more, depending on how many kids you are watching. A tutor can also make a decent amount of $20 an hour or more. You could also provide lessons for a child learning an instrument, so it doesn’t have to be just for academics.

Pet-sitting can vary greatly depending on how many days and the number of animals you have to watch. Pet-sitting can bring in the general amount of $25-50 a day, which is rather significant.

If you are an animal lover, the West Milford Animal Shelter is hiring people to feed, clean, and nurture the animals. Those who are 16 years old can work with cats and those 18 or older can work with dogs.

If working with animals isn’t your forte and you are more on the tech savvy side, an easy option is to sell clothes or accessories online. There are plenty of websites where you can easily do this. Ebay and Amazon are the most reliable and well-known websites for selling items online, especially for the holidays. The majority of people do not have time to run out and buy gifts, so this could be a lucrative, productive option.

Another recommended site for those creative crafters out there is Etsy. Whether it is handmade scarfs, picture frames, jewlery or other handmade items, this site is a great way to sell your own handcrafted goods.

If you have the time to go out, and don’t mind working in the cold, the route you may want to go is snow plowing driveways, shoveling, chopping fire wood to sell, sprinkling salt on driveways, scraping ice off cars, or even driving people around (like an uber). The options for getting fast cash are endless, yet any of these would be a productive way to earn money over your holiday break.