Facing a “Giant” disaster!

Jimmy Patton, Sports Editor

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The New York Giants’ first three games of the season, to put it kindly, were atrocious. A combined total of 13 points in both games is pitiful, and they have no one but themselves to blame. The New York Giants’ first three games of the season, to put it kindly, were atrocious. A combined total of 13 points in both games is pitiful, and they have no one but themselves to blame.

Facing their hated rival, the Dallas Cowboys, the offense was non existent. This was one of the most important games of their season, and the Giants were outplayed and embarrassed. The game would conclude in a final score of 19-3, with an abysmal performance by the offense throughout the game’s entirety.

The Giants were expected to be an offensive juggernaut with all of their talent at the wide receiver position. These weapons include Odell Beckham, Jr., newly acquired Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, and first round pick, Evan Engram.

Beckham is well- known by all football fans across the country as one of, if not the, top receiver in football. His speed, catching ability, competitiveness, and elusiveness is what has made him one of the greatest in the NFL. Marshall, whom the Giants acquired in free agency after playing the previous season with the New York Jets, is an extremely talented player, recently established as one of the most consistent receivers in football. He is a 6’4 monster, a matchup nightmare against the opposing cornerbacks when on his best.

Unfortunately, Eli Manning could not get the ball to Marshall much at all in their two games against the Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, racking up a measly total of just two receptions combined, and 27 yards. This is especially pathetic because the Cowboys this year have a horrible secondary.

Shepard, now in his second year, is a young speedy receiver who can line up mainly in the slot, but also outside. He has a lot of potential and should only improve as he gains more experience in the offense.

The Giants first round pick of the NFL Draft, Evan Engram, a 6’3 tight end out of the University of Mississippi, is just another weapon for Eli Manning with loads of talent and will only improve as the season progresses. Unfortunately for New York, the pieces have not come together as they currently are leaving their fans in bitter disappointment, hoping next year can improve both in and out of division play. Their division consists of the Cowboys, Redskins, and Eagles, the game against the Eagles bringing their third heartbreaking loss. The loss would come with time expiring as the Eagles’ kicker nailed a 61-yard field goal to win the game. The game ended with a final score of 27-24, in what may have been a dagger to the Giants’ season just three games in, barring a miraculous turnaround, which would never come.

They dropped two more games with another last-second loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and another close game to the Los Angeles Chargers due to not holding the lead in the fourth quarter.

To add injury to insult, the Giants would lose their two biggest pieces of their offense for the rest of the year due to physical injury–Marshall and Beckham, Jr.. Special teams star player Dwayne Harris also endured a season ending injury.

The Giants currently sit at a 1-5 record, after a surprising win over a formidable Broncos team, and 0-2 in division play, which is the third worst record in the NFL. Whether they will continue to fight for wins or roll over on the season and shoot higher for next year is still in question.

The Giants certainly looked like they could have been a powerhouse on paper, but this is clearly not the case. By around Thanksgiving, fans will know a lot more about the Giants’ mental toughness and heart. Hopefully a miraculous turnaround is in their future, but it seems as though praying for a successful 2018 season is a more likely option.