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WMHS hosts foreign exchange students

Emerson Figueroa, News Editor

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This year West Milford High School welcomed three exchange students: Imad Suma from Indonesia, Janne Raguse from Germany, and Sana Takeuchi from Japan. As they get ready to depart from the U.S., and specifically West Milford, we asked them a few questions regarding what their encounters with American culture was like.

Q: Describe the experience of transitioning from your country to the U.S. and West Milford? (Was it difficult, emotional, exciting, etc.?)

Imad: “Transitioning is pretty overwhelming because I’m still getting used to it, even right now with the weather, the diseases, the food, the culture, etc.”

Janne: “It was hard in the first three months, with the different language, you don’t know anybody, and homesickness.”

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Above: Exchange student Imad Suma and the author, Emerson Figueroa, living it up at the Junior Prom.
Photo Courtesy: Lors Photography

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WMHS hosts foreign exchange students