Thrive this Summer

Dominique Basil, Bucky's Backyard Editor

Now that school is almost over it’s time for tons of freedom, fun and games right? Once the summer begins, students have tons of time to do whatever they want, but you should also try to get some things accomplished over the summer while you have time. Of course, going on a trip to Florida or some kind of amusement park is tons of fun, but you can’t spend the whole summer partying. Here are some ways you can wisely use the time of the upcoming summer vacation.

Although school is out once the summer arrives, the workload doesn’t disappear; some school work follows you into the break. Even though it is called “summer break”, students have summer assignments to prepare for the next school year. The classes you plan on taking the next school year can increase the amount of homework you get over break. It isn’t fun having work over vacation, but you still have to get it done. While students love to procrastinate, it’s not a very good idea. Saving all of your summer work until the night before the first day of school can only cause trouble. Complete it as early as you can or spread the work out over the vacation so you don’t stress yourself out right before school starts.

While schoolwork is one type of work over the summer, getting a paid job would be a very productive way to spend some time in the summer. The work and your hours will obviously vary depending upon what job you get. While doing work isn’t always fun, it can certainly have its benefits. With all of your hard work you can be rewarded some nice cash to spend for the break. Whether it’s using that money on a new video game or saving it to go on a trip, earning that cash is well worth the labor and can really upgrade the quality of your summer.

Although this is another form of work, volunteering can truly benefit those you are helping and your future. There are many different options for volunteer work, so you have a wide range of ideas from which to choose. You could volunteer at the local animal shelter or senior center. Any sort of volunteer work could benefit your college resume and your future career. Maybe you will even learn something new, or find a new hobby you like. Try looking around West Milford to see if there is a place you’d like to help out. It would be greatly appreciated in the community.

Preparing for college is a very productive way to get ahead of the game and your future. There are multiple ways to go about preparing for college. You can always do some online research to find a college you’re interested in. Or, if you’d rather do some research in person, it would be a wonderful idea to book a college tour. That way you could get a glimpse of the campus and even some of the students there. Even starting some college applications would be a huge advantage, especially if you are a junior going into senior year. Any sort of preparation towards college/a career after high school is always a productive way of spending your free time.

Take Alex Metcalf’s experience at the Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy (HLCA) at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, for example. Although it was in March, this a great example of programs and opportunities you should be capitalizing on over the summer.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the time off. Be productive, but have fun along the way. See you next year!